Outsource: Figuring Out What To Outsource

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Figuring out which aspects of your business you’re able to outsource is the day you’ve decided you’re going to learn how to master smart growth – not stressful growth. It will ensure leaps in your business that allow you to make more passive income without working yourself to the bone. So, how do we do this? Well, first you start by figuring out what your hourly rate is, generally speaking.

This number is what you earn in your business or career that results when you’re truly JUST doing work. You know, sometimes we’re at the office for eight hours but we’re messing around for most of that time. There’s maybe three hours of serious and focused work. So, be very honest with the number of concentrated hours you spend working.

Next step: Take how much you earned last year and divide that by your hours worked. This number is just a rough estimate and that’s all you need. Once you determine that, you just have to answer this very simple question:

Is what you’re earning in your business, right now, more than minimum wage?

Because if it is, cool, now we know we’ve got a starting point!

Now, I want you to take out a pen and a piece of paper and start listing everything you do related to your business. Directly and indirectly. List everything you do every single day.

That list might include:

  • Reviewing goals
  • Checking & returning emails
  • Scheduling calls and business appointments
  • Checking voice mail messages
  • Returning phone calls
  • Researching people you have upcoming meetings with
  • Deleting files off of computer
  • Listening to business related podcasts
  • Attending seminars and trainings
  • Reviewing taxes
  • Writing and scheduling Facebook updates
  • Creating videos to upload to Youtube
  • Analyzing the best time to post on Instagram
  • Plant care
  • Putting gas in vehicles
  • Preparing weekly meals

That list could go on for pages and pages. Truth.

The reason you need to see this on paper is to recognize that it’s just a ridiculous amount of things that we try to get done ourselves. No wonder we feel like we’re failing!

Now, what to do after you’ve created your list?

Circle the ones YOU don’t need to be doing today and consider the fact it might be time to outsource them tomorrow!

If you discerned from the above math equation, that you make $25 an hour (when actually looking at the number of hours you really work), then you probably can’t afford to pay someone $25 an hour to pick up the dry cleaning or delete spam messages. You’ll need to pay someone considerably less to do those things.

But, if YOU’RE doing it, that’s what you’re paying someone right now.

That’s your homework assignment! You must identify those no-brainer things you can begin to outsource immediately.


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