How To Know Which Social Media Platform to Use for Business

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Back in the day, the only social media platform one might use for business was Facebook. No, I actually take that back. There was Myspace! However, I don’t think many people thought of it as a platform to grow one’s brand. But today, there are countless!

So — how would you even start to consider which one is best for YOUR biz?

Know Which Social Media Platform Use Business Scrolling Brand

How To Know Which Social Media Platform to Use for Business

Now, unless you’re totally green to social media, I honestly think you might already have an idea which platform will get the most traction for your business.

Regardless, though, today’s blog will give you a very brief overview. 

Instagram / TikTok

If your thing is creating short-form video, then you must be on Instagram and TikTok. It doesn’t make any sense to not use both — because you get two for one! As an example, create your content for one, screen record it and then post it to the other.

Personally, I think anyone who has a strong niche should find ways to utilize both of these platforms.


If your product or business is something that focuses on…

  • common missions
  • community
  • shared interests
  • hobbies
  • problems

or if you’re an expert…

Then yeah, it really makes sense for you to have a Facebook. Specifically, Facebook groups.


This platform would be best for you if your product/service is something that translates much easier through static images. Like, photos of:

  • clothing 
  • graphics
  • tips
  • recipes
  • DIY
  • tutorials
Social Media Platform for Business Graphics Recipe Pinterest


If you have a personality — as in, it’s part of what makes you unique, attracts people to you and you’re good on camera — and you teach (i.e., an expert or trying to be), then you must consider YouTube.

I should also mention, if creating long-form videos and tackling a YouTube channel just sounds too daunting, but you are using Instagram and TikTok, then you should be using YouTube shorts! 

Pro tip: Whatever you’re creating for IG and TikTok, should be repurposed to YT Shorts.

Podcast/ LinkedIn

If what it is you teach or sell or talk about is long-form, but doesn’t necessarily require a video to go with it (and/or the thought of being on camera freaks you out), these platforms are great avenues for you!

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