Why Don’t I Believe I Deserve Money?

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Recently, on this blog, I’ve been writing a lot about money mindset. So much so that three of my friends texted me and asked, 

“Hey, are you launching some program or something around abundance mindset?”

To me, this is hysterical because I’m like,

“Dude, do you not know me? I always get on these obsessive tangents! Deep dives and rabbit holes where I can’t stop listening and researching and digging and talking about certain things.”

Welcome, to ADHD.

Anyway, today I’d like to cover one aspect of money mindset and it may just be the most important of all. That is, investigating WHY you may not feel — deep, deep down — that you actually deserve some moolah. As in, the amount you might need to live life on YOUR terms.

Believe Deserve Money Life Life Your Terms

Why Don’t I Believe I Deserve Money?

As I always say, when we’re trying to figure something out, nothing is more helpful than reverse engineering it.

Because of which, I think that when we’re trying to discern our subconscious beliefs around…

  • wealth 
  • abundance
  • spending
  • finances 

…it’s crucial to consider questions, like:

  • where did this come from?
  • how did this start?
  • how long have I (unknowingly) felt this way?

See, if we can start there, we can begin to understand how to change it. 

Let’s go back to your earliest memories, shall we? 

Deserve Money Believe Childhood Programming
One of the biggest things you have to recognize is that from the time you were born until you were sent off into the world to be an adult, you were being programmed.

In other words, your parents probably said things to the effect of, 

  • “money doesn’t grow on trees!”
  • “they’re filthy rich!” (think about what that means on a subliminal level)
  • “more money, more problems!”
  • “we can’t afford that.”
  • “but that’s for rich people.”
  • “saving for a rainy day…”

Even if, as a child, you didn’t know how money adages (like above) were influencing you, there was definitely an attitude around money that you picked up on. 

There are a lot of other ways that parents — or whoever is doing the raising — can negatively impact their kids around the subject of money and abundance:

  • Upset when child uses their own savings to buy something nice (“not practical”)
  • Fight about money constantly (especially when it was tight)
  • Complain when it’s time to pay for anything 
  • Hoard all the money and resources in the home

Again, all of these examples are a kind of programming. Meaning, it’s so deep in the child’s subconscious — which is partly why you have a script in your head about whether or not you deserve money.

And, it lasts a lifetime.

Deserve Money Believe Lasts Lifetime

Obviously the big question is then…

How do you undo this stuff?

For THAT and so much more, like:

  • What my parents got right re: money mindset teaching
  • What is your evidence file
  • The biggest sign of all that you have a scarcity mindset

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