Why Keywords Are Important for SEO on Instagram

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A recent study came out showing that nearly half of people 25 years or younger prefer to search for things on Instagram and TikTok rather than Google. This shocking study suggests that Google — the world’s number one leading search engine — is now being outpaced by Instagram and TikTok. So, understanding how to use keywords for SEO on these social media platforms is super important!

Understanding Keywords Instagram for SEO

Let’s first define SEO on Instagram.

Search engine optimization (SEO), in simple terms, is a way to improve the discoverability of your content.

In other words, it helps to optimize your IG…

  • reel
  • story
  • posts
  • account, in general

…in order to rank higher or show up first in these search engines that are built into the platform.

What is a Keyword?

Basically, any word that:

  • relates to one’s niche/industry
  • someone is using to find content 
  • qualifies as searchable

For example, Brock’s (my son) niche is organic Instagram coaching

So he might use keywords like:

  • “organic Instagram growth or coaching” (AKA the literal niche)
  • “hashtags”
  • “reels”
  • “getting more views” 
  • “going viral”

Bottom line: Any word that one types into Instagram as in relation to and/or is a general term for your…

  • content
  • industry
  • niche

… is a recommended keyword!

Keywords for SEO on Instagram Relate to Niche

After reading this blog, it’s probably not hard to discern why…

Keywords Are Important for SEO on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm (artificial intelligence) is constantly categorizing your content for anyone searching what YOU do/offer.

And you want to pop up for every search imaginable in regard to YOUR niche, right?!

Hence, it’s not hard to understand why keywords are so crucial for SEO, discoverability and overall growth on Instagram. 

However, you must know how/where to strategically include certain keywords and in which eight areas of your Instagram. 

It's Important to Know Which Areas to Categorize Keywords on Instagram for SEO

Well, don’t worry. I got you there, too.

For 8 tips to improve your SEO on Instagram you must listen to this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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Side note: Do me a favor and please don’t overthink this topic and drive yourself crazy with,

“Wait, is this a keyword? Maybe that’s a keyword!” 

Hopefully, by this point, it’s clear and not exactly rocket science!


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