30-Day Reels Challenge

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I can almost 100% guarantee that 4 amazing things will happen if you challenge yourself to commit to doing 30 Reels in 30 days. One a day, to be clear.

Amazing Things Will Happen When You Challenge Yourself to Do 30 Reels in 30 Days

#1 Viral For Me.

Or, as I like to call it: VFM. I came up with this acronym some years back and, I’m telling you, it’s important to keep in mind when committing to this Reels challenge.

What does viral for me mean, exactly? Well, I’m sure you’re familiar with viral pieces of content. No matter what social media channel you’re on, if you’re getting millions of views, we would consider that viral, right?

And let’s be honest, going viral is more common than ever with platforms / features, like:

  • Instagram Reels
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

But, more common than going viral is going viral for me — which, as I define it, is any piece of content that does about 10 times better than anything else you’ve recently posted.

#2 Increased reach.

There’s nothing hotter on Instagram right now than Instagram Reels. This might have a little something to do with the fact that Instagram is pushing Reels out to more and more people.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you’re scrolling through your feed these days, it’s all Reels.

And that’s because Instagram is shoveling Reels — almost exclusively — before any other content right now.

What does that result in?

They have crazy high reach! You’ll find that a vast majority of your views on Reels will come from those who don’t even follow you!

So, if you do 30 Reels in 30 days, you’ll most certainly see an increase in your reach on Instagram.

When You Commit to 30 Reels in 30 Days Challenge You'll Notice Better Reach and More People Following You

#3 New followers.

Well, number 3 is directly related to number 2. A percentage of all the new people seeing your Reels will follow you!

Sure, if you’re posting Reels all the time, you might see some followers unfollow you because, perhaps, they’re just not into your content anymore.

Regardless, the number of new followers you’ll gain will far surpass any random drop-off.

#4 More comfortable on camera.

Getting used to putting your face on video and speaking directly to camera can be scary for many.

That said, if you challenge yourself and commit to posting 30 Reels in 30 days, I promise that by the end of it you’ll be way more comfortable on camera.

Now, for 5 top tips that’ll make this challenge a little bit easier and a little bit more doable — ensuring your success — check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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