Abundance Mindset For Decluttering: Questions to Ask Yourself

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Today, I’m going to walk you through a series of questions that’ll help you learn the very valuable skill of an abundance mindset for decluttering. AKA, getting rid of things you don’t need!

Abundance Mindset is About Decluttering and Getting Rid of Things You Don't Need

Abundance Mindset For Decluttering: Questions to Ask Yourself

Question 1: What mindset do you believe leads to greater prosperity for you and your family:

  • A) abundance mindset?
  • B) scarcity mindset?

Question 2: If you were to lose the weight or get in shape or have your dream body, which of these options sounds better to you:

  • A) new fashionable items that actually flatter your updated physique?
  • B) your old skinny clothes that are no longer in style? 

News flash: you are X many years older now than when you were that other person wearing those old “skinny clothes” — or whatever you want to call them. Your body is better and different now. You evolve, fashion evolves. 

What a disservice you would do to yourself to go back and wear clothes that were in style years ago.

Don’t you want to celebrate your success? If so, it seems to me you would rather wear clothes that actually flatter your new shape and say to the world,

“This is me today!”

And not…

“This is me trying to go back in time!”

Question 3: When you want to access a specific memory, what would be more convenient:

  • A) looking at a video or photo of it on your phone?
  • B) trying to find this item in a storage box in the back of the garage?

Question 4: Would you rather experience:

  • A) the occasional temporary inconvenience of not having that thing you got rid of? 
  • B) the constant overwhelm and anxiety that comes from hanging on to everything? Because you’re certain, at some point in the future, you might need that thing. Which, by the way, you won’t be able to find (when you need it), anyway.

Abundance Mindset Will Release Anxiety of Holding onto Everything in your Closet

Now, I hate to point fingers at our parents, but so many of these habits stem from mom and dad.

Does this sound familiar?

Picture it: Your mom had her grandmother’s China — even though some of it was chipped and no one ever used it. “It’s a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation!” — she often exclaimed.

Hence, you learned to hang on to things you’ll never use because they once belonged to a very important somebody else.

And THAT is an outdated scarcity mindset.

For MORE questions, what your A & B answers say about you, plus:

  • Why simply organizing will not help you
  • ALL the things that may be laying around the house — from the kitchen to office to bedroom — that you need to get rid of NOW
  • Why you should feel guilty holding onto items you don’t need

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  1. Brilliant, yes I do hang onto some clothes and shoes! I will start to declutter to allow the abundance appear.

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