Are Clapper and Lemon8 Here to Stay?

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Let’s talk about the two newest players in the social media game: Clapper and Lemon8. If your head spins every time you hear about a new social platform, you’re not alone! I’m going to break down the two latest ones hitting the scene to help you decide if they’ve got staying power, and if you should try being an early settler on one, or both.

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First up, let’s take a look at Clapper. This app is being hailed as the “Chinese TikTok” and it’s easy to see why. Like TikTok, Clapper allows users to create and share short-form videos set to music, and its algorithm is designed to surface content that’s popular with other users.

One thing that sets Clapper apart from TikTok is its focus on live-streaming. While TikTok does have a live-streaming feature, it’s not nearly as robust as what you’ll find on Clapper. With Clapper, users can livestream for up to 24 hours straight, and there are plenty of tools available to help you make your livestreams more engaging, such as polls, stickers, and virtual gifts that viewers can send to the streamer.

Another feature that sets Clapper apart is its emphasis on user safety. The app uses AI and human moderators to flag and remove content that violates its community guidelines. It also has a feature that allows users to report potentially harmful content in real-time.

Overall, if you’re a fan of short-form video content and you’re looking for a new platform to explore, Clapper is definitely worth checking out. With its focus on live-streaming and user safety, it’s a strong contender in the social media landscape.

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Next up: Lemon8. This app is a little different from other social media platforms out there, as its main focus is on audio content. (If you want a deep dive into how to grow on Lemon8, click here).

With Lemon8, users can create and share short audio clips on a variety of topics, from pop culture to politics to personal stories. These clips can be up to 60 seconds long, and they’re designed to be easily shareable across other social media platforms.

One thing that’s really interesting about Lemon8 is the way it’s designed to foster community. Unlike other social media platforms where you might be competing with other users for attention, Lemon8 is all about collaboration. Users can leave comments on each other’s audio clips, and they remix other users’ clips to create something new.

Lemon8 also has a strong focus on privacy. Users can choose to make their audio clips public or private, and the app uses end-to-end encryption to keep your conversations secure. There’s also a feature that allows you to delete your audio clips at any time, so you don’t have to worry about your content being out there forever.


Overall, if you’re a fan of audio content and you’re looking for a new way to connect with like-minded individuals, Lemon8 is definitely worth exploring. Right now, influencers are jumping on board, which tends to create buzz and FOMO. That’s why Lemon8 might garner some staying power (for now).

Are Clapper and Lemon8 Here to Stay?

While it’s still too early to say for sure whether they’ll stand the test of time, there are some factors that suggest they might last longer, than say, ClubHouse or Periscope (apps that came and went relatively quickly in the past 10 years).

For Clapper, its focus on live-streaming and user safety, as well as its similarity to TikTok, which has proven to be a lasting presence in the social media landscape, bodes well for its longevity.

As for Lemon8, its unique focus on audio content and collaboration, as well as its emphasis on privacy, also make it a potentially strong contender in the social media space.

Of course, the success of any social media platform ultimately comes down to user adoption and engagement. If users continue to flock to Clapper and Lemon8 and find value in the content and community, then these platforms could very well be here to stay.

It’s worth noting, however, that the social media landscape is notoriously fickle and subject to rapid change. New platforms are constantly emerging, and established platforms can fall out of favor just as quickly. So while Clapper and Lemon8 may have promise, keep an eye on the horizon for the next big thing.

Influencers May Move the Needle

Influencers can play a significant role in the rise of any social media platform, including Lemon8. As early adopters of new platforms, influencers can help generate buzz and interest among their followers, which can in turn lead to increased adoption and engagement on the platform.

If influencers on other platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok, begin to create and share content on Lemon8, it could quickly raise awareness of the platform and encourage others to give it a try. Additionally, if Lemon8 develops tools and features that are particularly attractive to influencers, such as analytics and monetization options, it could further incentivize influencers to invest time and effort into building a presence on the platform.

Of course, the success of influencers on Lemon8 ultimately depends on whether or not users find value in the platform and the content being created there. However, influencers certainly play a role in helping to kickstart and sustain the platform’s growth, and right now, that’s what is happening.

Only You Can Decide

If you already feel burned out trying to manage Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and/or Twitter, adding another app to your list could push you over the edge. That said, becoming an early adopter has its advantages (like less competition, a quicker rise and easier reach).

So, assess your bandwidth, see if repurposing content works, and then decide!

To hear Brock break these both down in even more detail, click here for the full podcast!

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