Audible Book Recommendations 2022 [Nonfiction]

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Being as most of you, blog readers, listen to my podcast, I’m quite certain that you digest (many of) your books via Audible. You know, just listening on the go: driving, laundry, dishes, cleaning, exercising, whatever. So, I’m going to share with you some nonfiction recommendations for 2022 that I think are total gems.

Audible Recommendations Nonfiction for listening on the go 2022

Audible Book Recommendations 2022

1: Parenting Generation Screen, by Jonathan McKee

Let’s face it, every kid has some sort of digital device and devotes many hours a day to screen time.  But this book isn’t about to make you, the parent, feel guilty about all of that. 

And what I truly like most about this title is that it’s not alarmist.

There’s no,

“Okay, take your kid’s phone away! They shouldn’t have phones until they’re in high school, anyway, and don’t forget to put on all the parental controls!”

McKee approaches the topic from a very realistic and sensible approach. 

He literally goes through conversations to have with your kids, what you need to know, and just normalizes all of it. Not to mention, he doesn’t make you feel like you’re a lousy parent if your kid is addicted to screen time or YOU need your phone to steal away 15 minutes of thinking time. 

2: Spilled Milk, by K. L. Randis

Trigger warning: difficult subject matter.

A heart-breaking true story that is a must-listen. This young girl had no idea that what was happening in her own home wasn’t normal — until one day when having dinner with her boyfriend’s family. It was at that moment her world flipped upside down.

3: The Birth Order Book, by Dr. Kevin Leman

This Audible is going to explain so much about who you are, why you are the way you are, why your parents treated one sibling different than another, why you are super compatible with other people who are of a particular birth order and so much freaking more!

Must Listen Audible Nonfiction Recommendations 2020

4: Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski Ph.D. 

Ladies, this one is for you and your daughters. But — I want you to listen to it first before you give it to your daughters (as they should be of an appropriate age).

This Audible selection is all about female sexuality. It just makes you realize what is natural and normal about our anatomy and the way we work and our sexuality. 

And the fact that there’s so much shame built around it — starting from childhood. Because of which, we’re (often) not able to fully enjoy our bodies and our sexual relationships with our partners.

I know you want that for your daughters and I know you want that for you. 

Bottom line: A lot of this Audible has to do with, in my opinion, un-brainwashing ourselves. 

For MANY MORE book recommendations, including those that fall under topics like:

  • Business 
  • Celebrity Biography
  • Motivation / Self-Improvement
  • LGBTQ+ (Parenting)

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