Benefits of Building An Email List in 2020

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The benefits of building an email list can’t be overstated. It’s one of those foundational pieces that so few people ever do. They spend so much wasted time doing things, like:

  • Creating logos
  • Building social media
  • Learning how to edit

Sure, those can be all well and good (although, if you’ve been around here a minute, you know my Virtual Assistant preaching). However, it continues to boggle my mind that most people never take the time to set up building their email list — which is literally the most critical aspects of almost any business foundation.

Building an Email List Is The Most Critical Piece in The Foundation of your Business

To this day, my businesses continue to thrive regardless of the ups and downs of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or you name it.

All those platforms go up and down and up and down. But the one thing that consistently performs for my team, allowing us to consistently grow our income, is our email list.

We (as in, the collective we) spend so much freaking time worrying about social media and trying to get more likes and views. Hence, I want this to be your wake-up call!

You’ve got great things to deliver, but you’ve got to do the right things in the right order. And that means you’ve got to make sure your foundation is in place, okay?

I’d like to just share with you some statistics that I think are going to blow your mind and really help to convince you to start building your email list immediately!

  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, there was a return of $38 to $40
  • 82% of us check our emails every single day
  • 66% of us have made a purchase based on an email that we’ve received this month.
  • Emails are more than three times more likely to prompt an order than a social media post 
  • Order values from emails are 17% higher than order values through social media
  • Customers who are on our email list are 138% more likely to buy from us than those who are just following us in social media
  • 77% of us say that we prefer email marketing versus any other type of direct promotion
  • Active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion

So, what does that mean for you and I?

It means, if you haven’t already, you need to build your email list! And if you’ve done so, it’s time to make it even better!

Building Your Email List Is Your WakeUp Call To Growing Your Business The Right Way

From this point forward, give yourself permission to put everything else aside. I know you know this, but I need you to say it out loud.

“Instagram could go away, Facebook could go away, TikTok could go away! But my email list is going nowhere!”

There’s even proof of this already. Facebook is shrinking like crazy for so many entrepreneurs. And I’ve heard from many that the same thing is happening for them now on Instagram.

You’ve been warned, dear reader.

For much more on this, including what you need to know about email management programs, check out this Build Your Tribe episode!

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