How To Protect Yourself From People’s Negative Energy

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When someone wants to share something negative they’ve heard about me — and it’s very clearly an untruth — the first thing I always stop and ask myself is,

“What is their motive behind sharing this?”

The only answer that holds any truth is that information is not being shared to protect me but, rather, to take something away from me. To steal a little piece of my positivity; knock me down a little bit.

When people are hurt or when people feel inadequate, it’s a natural instinct to want to make other people feel that, too.

Negative People Want To Bring Others Down So You Need To Protect Yourself

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing you can do with negative and false information about yourself. All that is happening is now you’ve been privy to gossip about YOU. How fun.

Negativity is more contagious than Covid-19. Sometimes it’s a loved one who seems to revel in pointing out your shortcomings or a friend who’s quick to criticize your best ideas.

So what’s going on when people come at us with negative energy?

Let’s unpack this…

When people are negative, cruel or want to share gossip, they are stealing from you.

Confident and secure people don’t engage in this type of behavior. Something is missing in those who lead with negativity. They feel a sense of inadequacy that has nothing to do with you.

Subconsciously they believe by lowering your vibration, they elevate their own. You have what they want.

Remember THAT the next time somebody comes at you with negativity.

Instead of going on the defensive, try responding in a way that flips the script.

You might say, 

  • “Can I ask what I’m supposed to do with that information?”
  • “I’m curious what would motivate you to say something like that to me?”

Or maintain your power and politely set your boundaries…

“I’m a positive person. When you make negative comments, it has an impact on my mindset – which is really important to me. So, if you don’t have something helpful or positive to say, let’s chat some other time.”

It is your responsibility to place a protective shield around positivity. No one can steal your joy without your permission.

It's Your Responsibility to Be Happy And Protect Yourself From Negative People

Negativity is toxic.

In much the same way you’ve been taking precautions not to spread or catch the virus, you need to take precautions not to allow negativity to use you as a host.

Research has shown that even a small amount of negative brain activity can lead to a weakened immune system. And everyone knows you’ve got to keep your immune system stronger than ever right now.

For much more on this, including tons of strategies that’ll help protect you from negative people, listen to this The Chalene Show episode!

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