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I’m all about finding help around the house and have been since the days my husband and I were in crazy debt. Personally, if I didn’t bring on assistance at that scary time in our lives (when the kids were small to boot), we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.

Without delegating tasks, even something as seemingly silly as laundry, I would’ve grown bitchy, short-tempered, frustrated, overwhelmed, and underpaid.

Honestly, there’s just not enough hours in the day to be the kind of human, especially parent, you strive to be when you have tons of obligations — both business and personal.

Working Parents Need Help Around The Home

Which is why bringing help onto your team is imperative.

Now, I’ve written tons of blogs on that subject, but today I’d like to concentrate on the #1 app to find these people, in the 2020s, for the best help around the house!

And, for me, that answer is… (not affiliated, not sponsored, etc. ).

If you don’t know, people use Care to find someone to do laundry, housekeeping, childcare, special needs help, and the list goes on. I’m totally obsessed with the app, to be honest. 

What I love about them is they:

  • Run verified background checks / ID on their help
  • Submit recommendations from other reviewers
  • Offer referrals and skills

Now, this app isn’t just for those of you who have kids in the house.

My husband and I are empty nesters — unless you count our dogs — and we recently realized that it was time to bring on a house manager.

So, we ran our ad on and received dozens and dozens of immensely qualified applicants. We proceeded with our interviewing process, called references, and hired someone in no time!

Our thinking was that we need her coming by 3 to 5 days a week. Nope. The gal we found has only done her thing for two days and our lives have changed! This is what I prayed for! Everything feels better, lighter and easier.

Hiring Help Will Change Your Life For The Better

Maybe you can relate, but there was just always this looming sense of,

“Oh, there’s still so many things I need to put away! And that’s not supposed to be there. Why is that over there!? Am I ever going to have time to get through these boxes, though? Oh shoot, I forgot I was supposed to return that today!”

And, so on.

But after just 2 shifts, 8 hours in total, our lives have improved, exponentially!

Side-note: We also had great success using this app for in-home help with my father in law, Bob — who is in need of basic everyday assistance (e.g., driving, errands, etc.)

For much more on this, including:

  • Tips on how to write the perfect ad
  • How to set price range
  • A variety of duties your household mgr might do
  • My personal process — from phone interview to in-person interview — when considering an applicant
  • Questions to ask and not to ask when interviewing

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