3 New Kitchen Hacks for 2020

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As Heard on Build Your Tribe, The Difference Between a Mentor and A Coach | How to Find the Best Fit 

On this week’s podcast highlight, I’ll define many different types of mentor and coaching opportunities — one-on-one, group, virtual, accountability, advisor, seminar, etc. — and how each, in their own way, can make a huge difference in accomplishing your goals! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone who wants to make money online… bringing a coach or mentor onto your team is quite often the game changer you’ve been looking for. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand the whys and hows!

Speaking of coaching… this is your last weekend before Push Goal Coaching begins, people! Bret and I launched this virtual coaching program specifically for people who are family focused. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who wants to start a business or you already have your startup and want to meet that man of your dreams. Whatever it is, you’d like to pursue all the above in such a way where you maintain balance and continue to honor family.

And that is something Bret and I are very committed to, have lots of experience with, and endless passion for. 

So, in a nutshell, that’s why we launched our 30 day Push Goal Coaching program! Which, again, is not for everybody. We’re specializing in coaching those who have (or want) a family and, also, are goal oriented! Look, the investment is crazy low. Less than $200 for 30 days! And it will hold you accountable. 

This is your last weekend to decide, so make sure you check out all the deets on Push Goal Coaching NOW! I really hope to get to know you better and help make your dreams a reality!


Other podcast gems this week…


As Seen on Facebook: 3 New Kitchen Hacks for 2020

YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE OF YOUR HABITS. We improve our lives when we improve our habits. When you woke up today, what was your first thought? I’m working on creating the habit of remembering (FIRST THING) that God is on my side. 

So, one of the things that’ll make your habits easier, in general, is a physical prompt. And in the video below you’ll find a HUGE one for me that has totally changed the game on how I take my supplements. I know you’re going to love it. Included, you’ll also see my new fave lemon / ginger / cayenne water hack and how I blend my coffee every morning without a blender! True story. 


No need to search the interwebs for all the above. I got you right here, boo:

But wait! A BONUS Hack just for you SNAPshotters! If you watched my IG Live last night, you saw me use my FAVORITE WINE OPENER EVER that I gift all the time to people! It makes getting that cork out so freaking easy! I’m obsessed! So, while my Live video will be gone in mere hours and the whole world will never see my ultimate wine hack again, YOU get it right here because you’re my most loyal peeps (and I don’t want you missing out)…




As Seen on IGTV: How To Stop Negative Self Talk 

I’m definitely on a habits kick right now, especially after reading Tiny Habits. So good!

Look, do you catch yourself saying unkind things to YOU?

How we speak to ourselves, how often we workout, when we go to bed, how we spend, invest, communicate and even how we eat can all be improved by improving our habits. In the following video, I talk about some of the common myths and one simple way to eliminate a not so healthy habit. What does your mirror post-it note need to say?


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I hope your weekend is amazing as we welcome in March… which means in a few weeks Spring is officially here. How beautiful! There’s lots blooming for you, I feel it!




One response to “3 New Kitchen Hacks for 2020”

  1. Hey Chalene !

    Hope You are doing well !

    First of all, let me tell you that You need to be discovered by all the women and the girls out there because you speak the truth in such a positive way and you just give me so much energy when I listen to you. You make me feel like I can accomplish whatever I choose to and I feel blessed to have discovered you years a go through fitness industry. You litterally changed my life and the way I speak to myself. I follow You everywhere I can now ! And even though I speak French, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and write to you, just to let you know how incredible I think you are !

    I just heard your podcast episode about how to bring awereness to eating disorders and I was so touched by what you said. I had struggles with boulimia and anorexia myself when I was younger., I am now a mother of two wonderful and gorgeous daughters who are 12 and almost 9 And sometimes, I am so scared to think they might go by the same struggles I went through. So I am so grateful for you to talk about those issues. To be true. To share what you experienced. Because it brings awareness and I feel my girls, and all girls I should say, can walk a little taller and be aware and let go some of the shame that bizarrely comes with this kind of issues. And you speak with such sensibility and love that it almost has a smoothing effect.

    So Thank you. You are a blessing in my life.
    I love you. I mean it.

    Emilie xx

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