Stop Comparing Yourself To Instagram Models

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Comparing yourself to models / celebrities on Instagram can lead to constant negative self-talk. While this is tragic on many levels, there’s one reason above all it’s truly unfortunate:

The images so many of us are scrolling through on social media are often not even real.


The majority of the time there’s a filter on the photo — whether it’s photoshop, Facetune, in the IG app itself or wherever. Sadly, women often don’t realize this and, ultimately, find themselves feeling inferior and worthless.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Models on Instagram Because Their Photos Are Filtered

This behavior needs to stop.

True story alert:

I can’t divulge the name of the individual, but I happen to know a certain plastic surgeon who’s in the greater LA area. This guy treats a lot of celebrities on IG. You know who I’m talking about. The “influencers” who are famous on Instagram for their beautiful bodies or lips, etc. And all day long they post selfies.

So, I’m having a conversation with the good doc and he tells me,

“You would be shocked to know what many of these women actually look like in person. Listen, I’m doing some great work. They definitely look better. That’s for sure. But even with all the work they’re getting done, they still don’t look anything like what you’re seeing on Instagram. To be honest, I don’t recognize my own clients when they post their photos and videos.”

How’s that for a wake up call!

We’ve all heard the old adage never compare yourself to others. That’s great, but not exactly realistic. I mean, we all do it from time to time. No matter how spiritually evolved one might be. It’s just human.

Because of which, I’m not going to tell you to stop playing the comparison game. But hopefully, if you’re made just a little more aware that what you’re looking at on Instagram is (the vast majority of the time) fictitious, it’ll put things into perspective for you.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Instagram celebrities Because They Use Facetune

My challenge:

Unfollow all those people you’re comparing yourself to!

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this suggestion before, but have you ever taken it seriously? Probably not.

Take this challenge to heart, dear reader. Look, there’s a difference between being inspired by what you’re seeing as you scroll or downright envious. You can feel the difference.

If unfollowing doesn’t feel right, then hit that Mute button!

I’ve muted accounts I love because they weren’t good for me at certain stages of my life. Maybe, for example, I’m trying to focus on something specific in my business and that gal over there is crushing — what I want to do — hard. And I know I need to stay in my own lane and remove comparing myself in an unhealthy way.

It’s me, girlfriend. Not her.

Tip: Follow accounts that make you feel better about yourself.

For strategies on how to do just that, plus how negative self-talk is related to goal mastery, the power of celebrating yourself when you’re embodying the qualities you want to be in life, and so much more… then check out The Chalene Show episode below.

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