The Benefits of Hiring Part Time Employees

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Hiring a full time employee is a scary proposition because you’re not always sure you’ll have enough hours to keep them busy for 40 hours a week. This is especially true in the world of adding an assistant to your team — virtual, personal, etc. 

Hence, my suggestion is and always has been, hire someone part-time and/or temporarily.

Consider Hiring An Employee Part Time To Ensure You Have Enough Work To Give Them

Let me be clear: Hiring part time, in this scenario, has nothing to do with hourly. Why?

Well, before you know it, next week has arrived and you’re like,

“Sorry, Cheryl. I just don’t have any work for you this week.”

The truth is, though, you do have work for Cheryl. A lot of it, too! You just haven’t prioritized your time in such a way that you’ve created a nice list of things to delegate to her. But the next time you reach out to Cheryl, she’s got work from somebody else — so, she’s not as responsive.

Then, you’re disappointed because she didn’t get back to you as quickly as usual. Cheryl isn’t prioritizing your work anymore because, well, frankly you’re not very reliable.

And the vicious cycle continues employee after employee!

Here’s what you’re going to tell a prospective part time / temporary team member:

“I’m going to pay you a flat fee that’s the equivalent of 20 hours. I need 20 hours from you and here’s the rate…”

Because of which, if you only have 15 hours worth of work and you’re still paying them for 20… you won’t sweat it. However, what you are guaranteed to dread is the fact you’re thinking,

“Oh my gosh, I’m paying her and she’s not doing anything!”

But you have to let go and simply prioritize creating a list of things you want to assign her way.

Create A List of Duties When Hiring New Employee

You’ll figure out how to create systems so that you don’t have to be in contact with her every single day. She knows exactly what her job is!

Eventually, you’re just checking in to see how she’s doing and give her feedback (and hopefully praise and gratitude).

The days of constant worry over wondering what work you might have for Cheryl this week — and the next and the next — are gone.

Now, where do you look online for hiring your very first part time hire?

For that and much more surrounding the subject of hiring and outsourcing, check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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