Best Women’s Clothing On Amazon (My Faves)

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Welcome to the best (AKA my faves) women’s clothing you’ll find on Amazon in 2021! Plus, a few accessories! While this may not be your typical blog post (it really is just for fun!), I think it still falls under the category of personal development.


When we feel cute, we’re nicer. And when we’re nice, we treat others (including ourselves) a little better… and that has a lovely trickle-down effect.

To be clear, until this week, I have rarely bought clothing on Amazon.

My normal online go-to’s for clothes are Nordstrom, Revolve, Bloomingdales, LuLus, etc.

Yes, I am willing to spend top dollar on a piece I know will get repeat-wear or that has the potential to become a staple.

But, this week, Amazon came through! Insane!

I always post this stuff to my Instagram Stories (you do follow me on Stories, right?). But because I got so many people asking me about these items, in particular, I thought I’d share…

First: this super cute summer maxi dress!

It comes in a bunch of different colors and styles. I’m 5’2” and I don’t have to hem it when I wear heels — which is always. Look closely before ordering… the style that is featured here is referred to as “B” And I got it in three colors!

Summer Maxi Dress is Clothing on Amazon that is a Fave

Second: this long maxi skirt!

I bought it in both patterns. I’m obsessed with a smocked waistband… and I love the high/low hemline. I think only the style called “Z” has the smocked waistband? The others look cute, too, I just hate a non-stretchy waist. You with me?

Grab it HERE!

Long Maxi Skit Hemline Amazon Clothing for Women

Third: these sunnies!

Yes, I own designer sunglasses, but it feels like such a waste of money. They’re always out of style the next season and I could feed a small village with the number of sunglasses I have lost!

These are lightweight so I can jog in them, too! Style for around $10… get to know me!

Best Sunglasses on Amazon

Fourth: this amazing stretchy pencil skirt for under $17!

When pairing a pencil skirt with a top that flatters one’s figure, I personally think almost any body type will look great! And this one happens to come in a million colors! I now own three, of course. (lol)

Stretch Pencil Skirt Clothing Women's Amazon Best

I hope you enjoyed my Amazon clothing and accessories blog as much as I enjoyed writing (and taking pics) for it!

By the way, you can hear some behind-the-scenes clothing details, plus a lot of personal family updates — including my father-in-law’s current battle with Alzheimer’s — in The Chalene Show episode below:

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