Why Numbers Don’t Matter As Much As Focus in Social Media

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Most people — through no fault of their own — believe that big numbers in social media matter and, better yet, mean big bucks.

“I’m going to spend all of my time growing my Instagram because, if I get a big enough following, the money will come!”

Why Numbers Don't Matter as Much as Focus When Building Your Brand on Social Media.

But it just doesn’t work that way.

Sure, growing your numbers (i.e., following) might be the goal, but it isn’t your first step.

What’s your first step?

Stop doing all the things and get focused. Focus, I tell you!

Yes, I’m aware of the “hustle mentality” (and was victim to it once myself), but it’s not the way toward success. 

“I’m selling baseball cards, I’m a chiropractor, and I also do lawn care on the weekends. And, if you look at my social media, I’m an aspiring chef!”

Maybe all the things you do (and do well) will happen for you. And, better yet, you might even be able to make a business out of all of those ventures.

However, you must do one thing at a time.

Yours truly had businesses in seven different industries, but they weren’t built all at the same time; they were built ONE at a time.

Desmond Tutu once wisely said that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” The implication being that everything in life that appears to be overwhelming, overpowering, inconceivable and daunting can be conquered step by step — only a tad at a time.

Numbers on Your List Don't Matter As Much as Taking it One Step at a Time.

Bottom line: If you’re attempting to do all the things at once, it won’t work. You won’t be really successful at any of them and grow that social media following you so desire.

So, again, your very first step to get those numbers you want is figuring out the ONE thing you’re going to laser in on. And running with it.

By the way, picking (and sticking to) your thing won’t just grow your following faster than anything else. It’s also your first step in monetizing your brand.

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