Metabolism: How To Boost Metabolism In The Morning

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Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of a quick boost to their metabolism in the morning!? It can help you – exponentially – improve the rest of your day by maximizing fat loss, clearing toxins from the body, bettering blood circulation, elevating moods, keeping a youthful appearance, increasing natural immunity, and giving you more energy. Ummm, sign me up!

Before we get to HOW we begin getting all this metabolism goodness revved up to ensure a super healthy day ahead, it’s critical to quickly understand WHY your metabolism does what it does.

Your body’s major fat burning machinery is your muscle tissue. A lot of people are well aware now that your metabolism is largely controlled by your thyroid, this butterfly-shaped gland located in your throat.

But what is the actual machinery that it uses to carry out its mission?

Muscle has a lot to do with it. It’s kind of like an endocrine organ on its own. A lot of people don’t realize this. Muscle is actually like a reservoir, a containment center for anti-aging hormones. This is why folks who have more muscle on their frame tend to age better. They also tend to come back faster from injuries!

Muscle Has A Lot To Do With Metabolism

Now, why is this your body’s fat burning machinery? Well, muscle is very expensive for your body to carry around. It burns off a lot more calories just having it on your frame.

Which leads us back to HOW we start getting all the benefits of a sped up metabolism bright and early…

Exercise! Surprised much? Didn’t thinks so.

One of the amazing benefits of exercising ASAP is post-exercise oxygen consumption. Basically, this means you’re burning more calories through the day by exercising in the morning. Listen, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise if you can only hit the gym after work. But just get a little bit in in the morning to get your metabolism at a different level and utilize all the benefits it brings.

What are some early morning workout ideas (depending on your time)? Let’s say you have:

  • An hour — Hit the gym. Lift weights & cardio
  • 30 – 45 min — PiYo
  • 4 minutes — Tabata workout

Is it possible to actually get a good workout in four minutes? Oh yes! You can absolutely kick your butt. The latest science using muscle biopsies confirms this type of exercise – legit – works! What this looks like is 20 seconds of intense movement followed by 10 seconds of rest, and just repeat that for a total of four minutes.

Examples of tabata?

    • Burpees
    • Body weight squats
    • Upper body for first 20, lower body for second
  • Rebounder (mini trampoline)

Rocket scientists, literally, say using a rebounder is the best form of exercise.

The Right Form Of Exercise Will Do Wonders For Your Metabolism

This is something NASA has been utilizing because of the G force that’s created. When you come down on the trampoline, your cells are getting an impact that’s significantly heavier than just your normal everyday walking around. See, when you elevate off the rebounder, you’re essentially weightless for a moment. It’s making your cells – all the cells in your body and your tissue matrix – do little pushups. It’s wonderful for your lymphatic system as well.

Tony Robbins does it before he takes the stage. It’s AKA the health bounce.

And ladies, I know what you’re thinking. That it’s just not comfortable to jump.

However, it’s different on the rebounder. The impact isn’t felt in your joints. You don’t feel it the same way you do when you’re jumping on a hard surface that doesn’t bounce back with you.

The best thing about the rebounder, in addition to all the health benefits, is that it’s fun! I will run on my rebounder. It doesn’t hurt my knees or my back. It’s a wonderful way to have a high intensity workout that’s low impact.

People, there’s no excuse not to even get that four minutes in!

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  1. I find it interesting that you shared that a person using a trampoline can help boost their lymphatic system and help each cell do little pushups. With this in mind, I will book my entire family for a trip to the trampoline park once a month this summer. That way, everyone can put their gadgets down and get some hard-earned pounds off to keep everyone on their toes during work and school.

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