Inside Tour Of My Beach House 2019

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Podcast Feature Of The Week: Why You Need to Drop Your Plan B If You Want to Be the Best (with Bo Eason)

Do you have a plan B? Most of us do. It’s that thing you fall back on if whatever you’re pursuing (your passion, your dream) doesn’t pan out. In today’s episode, my esteemed guest, Bo Eason — former NFL player (top pick), then an award-winning actor, and currently a renowned speaker / leadership coach — argues why you should throw your Plan B out the window and fully commit to what it is YOU want to do. In this life and career-changing episode, Mr. Eason will share strategies from his new book, “There’s No Plan B For Your A-Game”!


As mentioned in the pod, I created a super fun and enlightening MY THING questionnaire! It will guide you in finding your purpose, figuring out your next step, and then… going after it! Head to for the Discover Your Thing Questionnaire! 


How to Measure Your Progress | Sharing My Personal Benchmark For Success

In this CarSmart Friday, I open up, for the first time, about how Bret and I measure our success. Now, this isn’t about just setting goals and hitting them. But rather, why it’s imperative to track your PROGRESS instead. Meaning, the emotion connected to one’s journey. Today, I’ll share with you my mathematical equation which Bret and I use to measure our progress. You’ll be surprised at how simple and effective it is!


Here’s the podcast I referenced in the show: Falling Into The Trap of Comparison


Inside Tour Of My Beach House 2019 

Since Bret and I moved into our beach house last year, I’ve been inundated with requests for a virtual home tour. That said, I felt kind of funny about it because I know how these things can often look to people. 

Why she gotta brag?” “Oh, she thinks she’s fancy!” “But I’ll never have that!

Here’s the thing, though. The only reason I bring you, my lifers, into my life so intimately is to inspire you. To illustrate, through my journey, both career and personal, that with the right mindset / tools / commitment / beliefs… ANYONE can see their dreams realized. And yeah, this beach house was a dream for us. So, it is my hope you’ll find the following video inspiring…


And when was the last time I mentioned how much YOU inspire me EVERY freakin’ day?! #truth

What does your dream home look like? Tell me in the comments!

Love you.












17 responses to “Inside Tour Of My Beach House 2019”

  1. beach house is gorgeous! I was thinking that maybe the kitchen (which you hinted at a little bit of dissatisfaction) might like really good with black hardware to complement the color theme of your house and give it a little extra oomph. Just a thought.
    You have impeccable taste. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m going to go splurge on some larger plants for my home. I tend to stick to the small ones…

  2. What a gorgeous house! You’ve been inspiring me since I was a teenager. I’m only 33, so don’t feel too old. 😉 I’m a fellow Midwestern girl living in Wisconsin. My husband and I own the perfect house for us – it’s rustic and set on 35 acres, with our own huge woods. The backyard is completely private, and when we’re home, we feel complete separated from the world, which is just the way we like it! I do PiYo workouts on the deck when it’s not too hot in the summer! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, experiences, life lessons, and motivation for all of us! I’ve learned so much from you! Take care!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! That view from almost every room is to die for and I’m sure it must be difficult to focus on getting things done when those waves are mesmerizing!

  4. Great house! Question – we have an ocean front house in Duck,NC (Outer Banks) – big move from working 3 jobs as a widowed mom 11 years ago(one job was teaching Turbo!) …anyway – I dream at least once a month of monster waves…the global warming has sure punched up sea levels… you all have a regular beach “renourishment ” that goes on to keep y’all from floating away? Love ya, and your team too, who were so kind to me a decade ago when I was so sorrowful…

  5. OMGosh Chalene — what an unbelievably gorgeous home you’ve created! I LOVE every single inch of it….so tastefully done. I think it’s marvelous that you and Brett have “downsized” into this fabulous beach house, yet still have room for the kids, parents, guests, etc. It is PER-fection, but what else would I have guessed from you?!

  6. I love your home! I was wondering what the master bath square footage is? I am remodleing my mater bath and trying to figure out the new layout and I love yours. I live in my husbands childhood home that was built in the 60’s that has never been updated, so lots of paneling! I downloaded and app that lets me “build” a home, kind of like playing house but the adult version!

  7. Chalene! Absolutely love the beach house….gorgeously designed and decorated and love the color scheme of black, teal accents. How wonderful to wake up and hear the ocean everyday. A blessing and dream come true after your hard work over the years. Wishing you great memories in your new home. Thank you for the behind the scenes tour.

    My dream home is one by the water (either a lake or the beach) or a home with a beautiful view. Right now, we are in our second home and slowly remodeling to what we want it to be for us as we will be here until the kids are off to college.

    Quick question…in your podcast studio room, is that a standing desk? If it is, can you share where you got it? TIA!

  8. Lovely. Inspiring!
    I’d love to have all those windows in my house — and I have a lot — but our cold winter weather makes that many windows impractical.

    Clever designs with built-ins. One can never have enough storage.

    Thanks for sharing your nest with us, Chalene. This rocks!

  9. Beautiful & inspiring, Chalene! I love that during the tour, you explain why you do the things the way you do. I need more plants now 🙂

  10. love your beautiful home Chalene- thank you for sharing! You never come off as bragging-only as a successful businesswoman who is sharing and adding value to people. Love being inspired and motivated to achieve the same success and get my own dream house 🙂

  11. Beautiful & cozy! There’s no doubt you worked your butt off to have this gorgeous dream home. It takes strength, ambition, and the willingness to keep on keepin’ on! Thanks for sharing this beautiful space- you truly are an inspiration!

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