Decision: How To Make A Difficult Decision

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When you have a difficult decision to make, you must review your priority clarity statement. That’s all it takes. Allow me, today, to elaborate on what this personal manifesto (of sorts) is. Because, honestly, at such time there is some kind of struggle going on, nothing will bring you more peace of mind.

What’s the consequence of always placing someone else’s needs ahead of your own?

Answer: Happiness.

Self-care is a crucial practice for your overall well-being. 

This is a topic I’m able to flesh out on my recent episode of The Chalene Show, titled: Too Much On Your Plate? Eliminating Stress When There’s Too Much To Do & Too Little Time. You’ll hear me getting super personal with you about a recent hurdle in my life. Also included, the step by step process I continue to use for conquering hard decisions. And how you can, too.

Think back to the last time you’ve battled with something. Maybe you’re in the middle of it right now. You’re feeling:

  • Off
  • Upset
  • Confused
  • Unhappy
  • Stressed

It almost always comes down to your relationship with someone or a difficult decision you have to make. You’re at a loss with what to do. The right decision seems impossible and totally out of reach.

Okay, whenever I experience moments like this in my life, I pull out my priority clarity statement. And let me tell you, for me, this is a relatively long statement. And, to be frank, it should be if you’ve taken the time to really go through the process of figuring out what is important to you.

If you don’t know what your priorities are, other people can get into your head with all of their requests and offers. Then, you just keep putting things on top of things that are already on your plate – because even though NO is a very short word, we have a difficult time saying it.

Instead of saying NO, try:

Hey, that sounds great. Thanks so much. Send me the details and I’ll get back to you.

This will you give you enough buffer to check out your priority statement.

Knowing Your Priorities In Life Helps With Decision Making

Now, what does a priority clarity statement look like? Well, some questions to ponder…

    • What are my boundaries (things I won’t do)?
    • What’s the furthest I would push?
    • What are the things that matter most to me?
    • How do I assess my own happiness?
  • What are the things I have to remind myself are not important?

Recommendation: Create this statement in a moment when you’re not faced with a difficult decision. You’re just truly thinking about what matters most to you in life.

I’m not kidding, absolutely every single possible decision you’re trying to work through is made clear as a bell when contrasted with your statement. And, more importantly, you will feel good about it.

Everyone else’s priorities aren’t yours and they usually don’t have your best interests at their core. But, guess what? Your priorities do! And that’s what you should use to guide your decision making.

The universe takes care of you when you do right. When you do the right thing for the right people for the right reasons, God (i.e., your higher power) conspires to assist you. That’s how you’re rewarded. You know, I just really believe that.

Even our challenges are oftentimes a reward.

Don’t live in a make believe reality that tells you success is supposed to mean we have this beautiful constant rose colored sky. Our challenges can be incredible gifts to us. And when we realize how and why that is true, we must use these (solved) tough decisions to serve others.


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