Why Canva Is an Important Tool for Entrepreneurs

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Of all the graphic design-type platforms, Canva is, perhaps, the most important tool for entrepreneurs. It’s easily my favorite. And I promise you this isn’t a sponsored blog or anything. I just want you to crush your business — and Canva is essential.

Canva is an Important Tool for Entrepreneurs

Why Canva is Important for Entrepreneurs

Unless you went to school to be a graphic artist, you probably have no business trying to design your own stuff and, not to mention, put together your own website.

But — and this is an important “but” — when you don’t have the budget, hiring an agency (as your graphic artist team ) is quite expensive. Even jumping on outsourcing sites (e.g., Fiverr, Upwork, etc.) can quickly add up.

Because of which, using Canva is just the way to go — whether you’re building your brand or already established.

They have got so many cool templates for:

  • Social media posts (thumbnails, Stories, YouTube intro’s, covers, etc.)
  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Resumes
  • Web banners

And the list goes on forever!

They’ve got super simple ways to create endless fun and impressive things. One of my favorites is the ability to automatically remove the background of your photo.

The App vs Desktop

So, Canva is a desktop application / tool, but their app is solid. When it first launched, though, I wasn’t feeling it. It was cumbersome, not intuitive, and the opposite of user-friendly.

Now, I’m obsessed with the app! So much of my social media content is created right there (e.g., my carousels on Instagram).

Canva is Important to Entrepreneurs Creating Content for Social Media

Worth it to Upgrade?

Bottom line: if you’re an entrepreneur and creating content all the time, I think upgrading from the free version of Canva to the paid is a no-brainer.

For example, I can’t even tell you how many stock images we go through a week at Team Johnson. Because of that, I upgraded our team to the paid version — which, I think, is less than $10 / month.

Dude, for entrepreneurs, the pro version of Canva is sincerely worth every single penny. It’s just a tremendous resource!

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