Always The Butt of the Joke? Here’s What to do About it

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Do you find that you’re always the butt of your friends’ jokes? Maybe so, if this blog popped up in your Google search. You wouldn’t be alone. Just the other day, this question came into my Instagram DM,

“I have a life-long friend who’s really important to me, but I’m often the butt of her jokes. What do I do about this?”

What to Do When You're Always The Butt of Your Friends' Jokes and Feeling Sad and Hurt

What To Do If You’re Always The Butt of The Joke

You have a conversation, not a confrontation. And the way to make this experience the most comfortable — likely to result in change — is to make sure your friend still feels good about herself.

That’s how change happens.

Change never happens when we point a finger at someone and push them into the corner and say,

“You made me feel X! You hurt me because Y!”

If what you’re trying to affect is a change in someone else, that strategy never ever works.

We all change when we feel loved and supported.

Perhaps try something to the effect of,

“You are so funny, and I love that, and everybody loves that about you. But I have to admit that there are times when I take it personally or it makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I’m the punch line in your jokes. I know you love me and I know you would want to know.”

Your friend may be quite surprised in finding this out as… you probably laugh when the joke occurs and go along with it for fun.

Always The Butt of The Joke

How is she to know that inside you’re becoming resentful and annoyed by it? She can’t read your mind. So, something that was okay in the beginning, has now become too much.

Therefore, I think a sweet and open conversation — while it may be a little uncomfortable — may also bring you two together. Ultimately, resulting in a much stronger friendship.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, relationships take a lot of work. While you might see a plethora of Instagram quotes saying things, like…

True friendship is easy and effortless.

…it’s not true. Friendships are between two people with different:

  • Personalities
  • Backgrounds
  • Traumas
  • Experiences

It’s not ever going to be effortless. And that’s why they’re so worth it!

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