How To Pick Your Niche | Template

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Get out a pen and piece of paper for this easy-to-follow template on how to pick your niche.

Template List for Pick Your Niche

First: Write down the industry that you are most interested in.

The industry that you:

  • Know the best
  • Talk about all day long
  • Fantasize and dream about
  • Obsess and geek out over

Is it fitness / nutrition / real estate / fashion?

Think broad with this one.

Second: Write down the category you feel most called to (within your chosen industry). 


  • Fitness = home workouts
  • Beauty = hair care
  • Health and wellness = essential oils and natural remedies
  • Personal development = life coaching or therapy

What is the specific category that you’re interested in?

Third: List out all of the specific expertises / interests / found solutions — that relate to your category.


Let’s say fitness is your industry and home workouts is your category. What is the specific problem that you have solved around home workouts? Is it:

  • Losing weight post-the second baby?
  • Postpartum nutrition?
  • Workout plans for busy moms?

Know The Industy and Sub Category To Figure Out How To Pick Your Niche

List as many specific solutions within that category as you can. Just brain dump here and really give yourself permission to brainstorm.

Don’t judge what you’re writing down just write, write, write.

Fourth: List the groups of people who you feel most called to serve / willing to help / credible in speaking to.

For most, this group will be people who:

  1. they’re currently apart of
  2. were just previously apart of

Now, once you have all of the above written down, it’s time for your to… pick.

And I know that you would love if I could just tell you which one to circle and which one’s going to be the best.

But ultimately, the one that’s going to be the best — hence, the one you should pick — is the one that you work the most at.

You could have success with just about any of these niches if you’re willing to put in the work and just get started.

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