Do Cellulite Lotions Really Work?

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Cellulite. Every woman has it and that’s just the truth. So, Lord knows there are endless “cures” out there — from fascia blasting to diet to surgery. Today, I’d like to focus on one such treatment: lotions, creams and serums.

Cellulite Lotion Treatment for Cellulite

Let’s cut to the chase (and I’m not going to be kind about it)…

Anyone who tries to tell (or sell) you on the fact that applying lotions — or any topical serum, for that matter — to permanently reduce cellulite is probably a shyster. 

I don’t care how you’re instructed to rub it in and apply it on your skin.

You heard it here first.

Sure, I feel bad writing this because I’m aware there are people who believe certain lotions and creams are doing wonders for their cellulite longterm.

And, guess what?

If you actually do have some sort of topical ointment that you think has reduced the appearance of your cellulite… then yeah, you should continue using it.


Mostly because it’s going to boost your confidence! At the end of the day, that’s the most important aspect. I mean, worrying about cellulite, in general, is just plain silly because it’s life; we all have it and we have to live with it. 

So again, if lotions and things truly bring happiness and the feeling of improvement, then OF COURSE continue to use them.

Applying Lotions for Cellulite Can Make You Happy

But just know this, lotions don’t lift the…


Cellulite forms when septae (fibers) — which connect the skin and fat to the underlying muscle — get really tight, causing it to pull down on the skin. 

But these fibers are also pressing the fat down and squishing it into other areas! Hence, it makes abnormal dimples or hollow pockets (where the fat is missing or pushed aside).

In other words, the septae is the main culprit as it gives the appearance of cellulite.

And lotions don’t target these fibers.

All that said, there might be lotions that do, indeed, temporarily minimize the swelling or the water retention in the problem area. 

Maybe that’s all anyone wants, right? Just to have it look a little better for just a little while.

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