How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Post 2022

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Did you know that different types of posts on Instagram tend to attract different kinds of engagement? As in, features (e.g., Stories, Reels, graphic images, etc.) garner varying reactions (e.g., saves, shares, comments, etc.). And today, I’ll focus on one such type of engagement: likes. 

Get More Like Instagram Post Different Engagement Features

How To Get More Likes on Instagram Post

If likes are what you’re after, the best kind of content to post is:

A single image (picture) to the feed.

And yes, I’m purposely saying single image because we found — from all our data and research in InstaClubHub — actual photographs are more inclined to get liked than a:

  • text post
  • graphic post
  • illustration you created in Canva
  • Carousel (meaning, slides/multiple images)


Well, it makes sense because likes are very easy and don’t require much thought or engagement. 

Tapping the like button is basically communicating,

“Oh, that’s cool. Okay, I’m gonna keep on scrolling.”

It’s the least amount of engagement that someone could do with your post while still engaging.

If you were to post a…

  • snap of a delicious looking meal
  • picture from your anniversary date night
  • funny pic of your dog

…people will like it — whether it’s related to your niche or not.

Pretty things.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that posting…

  • yourself boarding a private jet
  • your bedroom makeover
  • beautiful sunsets

…will attract lots of likes!

Get More Likes on Instagram 2022 with Images Pictures

Think about it: Instagram began as a platform where you ONLY shared pictures. So, the inherent instinct to like a pic is still first and foremost.

Side note: Don’t compare the amount of likes you’re getting to the amount of likes someone else is getting.

And please don’t put yourself (or your content) down because likes aren’t flooding in.

At the end of the day, likes are often just an indication of how pretty something is and how much vanity purpose is provided. 

Your post might actually be so valuable that people were engrossed in reading the caption and immediately saved it — totally forgetting/overlooking to like it. 

To reiterate: likes are most likely to be obtained by posting single, visually stimulating, pictures to the feed.

But what about those other types of engagement:

  • shares
  • saves
  • comments
  • views
  • follows

For which style of post (i.e. which feature) receives the most of each of the above, check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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