Checklist For Marketing Plan

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In this blog, I’m going to share with you what has taken me the last 10 years to develop: our (Team Johnson) exact promotional/marketing/launch plan. The checklist that we go through as a team — every other month — when we’re:

  • launching new campaigns
  • growing our email list
  • selling digital/physical products

Checklist For Marketing Promotional Plan for Team

Checklist For Marketing or Promotional or Launch Plan

Your first 5 questions:

  1. What is the internal campaign name?
  2. When is the campaign start date? 
  3. When is the campaign end date? 
  4. Who is the campaign point person?
  5. What is the campaign objective?

Let’s take question 5, for example: Is the objective to:

  • increase sales?
  • take care of your customers?
  • grow your email list? 

You must get clear on your answers!

Now, for the next series of checklist questions, I’d like to suggest you answer as a team. If you don’t have a team yet, no worries. Make sure you still tackle them!

Checklist and Questions to Brainstorm with your Team For Marketing Promotional Plan for Team

One: What is it you’re going to be offering? 

Two: What is the overarching goal of this transaction? 

Three: Who’s your market / target audience? 

Four: How do they (customer) describe the problem, the challenge, the need?

This question is particularly important and, to be honest, where most marketers miss the mark.


Well, because they’re often so close to it they’re using verbiage their lifer doesn’t resonate with. 

For instance: When we’re marketing InstaClubHub, we’ve learned that my audience doesn’t relate to the word conversions.

So when I might ask…

“Are you having a difficult time converting your followers on Instagram?”

…my audience doesn’t register that as the problem — even if it actually is the problem. They may say something like,

“I just don’t know how to sell on Instagram!”

However, they (conversions and selling) are the very same thing!

Therefore, you really have to boil it down and understand/know what language they use.

Checklist For Marketing Plan Includes Understanding the Language of your Audience

Five: What do they (customer) feel at the moment?

Six: What do they (customer) think is the number one reason they struggle with X? 

This question is super imperative because if there’s a disconnect in what they believe the problem is, then that disconnect never connects with your solution. 

Hence, start with what they believe the problem is!

For MORE questions, a deep dive into each of the questions above, plus:

  • What is the solution image and why you need to use it
  • The value of a thank you page
  • How to minimize emails ending up in the spam folder

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