Dry Shampoo: Benefits, Products, Hacks

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I’m sure there are many blogs and articles that explain the pros and cons of dry shampoo.

Today, I’d like to throw my hair in the ring and share a few of the benefits that I, personally, have found using this hygienic product.

Not to mention, I’ll toss in my favorite hack and product, too!

Dry Shampoo Benefits Hacks and Favorite Product

Let’s begin with a personal anecdote: My hair is very thin and it tends to be oily. So, if I have something (dinner plans, event, etc.) I want to look nice for, I have to wash my hair. Oh, the humanity! 

Seriously, though, I don’t have the patience to wash it every day. Hence, I use a dry shampoo. 

The ultimate dry shampoo hack: Put it in the night before.

Now, this happens to be a trick that, I think, a lot of women don’t know about. Trust me, to really get the benefits of dry shampoo you want to apply it before bed.

The top benefit for using dry shampoo: Keeps you smelling fresh and clean — even if you haven’t washed your hair. 

If you’ve ever cooked something that has a very strong odor, you know that your hair grabs on to it. That’s because our hair tends to attract oils and hold scents. 

However, I’ve noticed that whenever I use a dry shampoo on my hair before bed, any and all odors disappear. My husband, Bret, always notices. He’ll be like,

“Oh, you smell so good, what’s that scent?” 

And that makes me feel more feminine, more desirable, more confident.

My dry shampoo product recommendation. 

I really like Lulu organics! It is completely non-talc and 100% organic. They’ve got a bunch of different scents; my fave being their lavender sage. 

Dry Shampoo Lulu Benefits Talc Free

Disclaimer on Dry Shampoo Products:

You definitely want to take a look at the label because a lot of dry shampoos are filled with talc powder and many other ingredients that are simply questionable at best. While these ingredients are all FDA-approved, of course, there’s a lot of research to suggest they may be cancer-causing. 

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