Is The Clubhouse App Worth It (and Who Should Be on It)

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“Is the Clubhouse app worth it?” This question has been flooding my DMs as of late.

The most important point to hit right off the bat is that not every single social media app is right for every person.

So, let’s evaluate if, in fact, Clubhouse is worth your time (and right for you, in general).

The Clubhouse App Isn't Right For Everyone

When teaching how to build / create a brand and establish your niche, I’m often challenging my students with questions, like who:

  • Are You Trying To Reach?
  • Is your target demographic?
  • Do you consider your lifer?

And really define them.

Getting personal for a moment: For me, my lifer, my avatar, the person who I want to reach is someone who is either new to business or hasn’t yet started a business. Or — they started a business and they’re really trying to figure out how to scale it online. That’s my demographic.

Because I know that, it’s easy for me to evaluate that the Clubhouse app — at this particular stage of its development — is not the best place for me to reach those people.

And to my many network marketers out there… if you’re trying to reach folks who are looking for an alternative form of income / something they can do from home / their first business to start, Clubhouse (at the moment) is not the place for you.

However, if your target demographic is other experts and you’re trying to get on the radar of people who would be considered thought leaders (and you want to serve their audience), then Clubhouse might be right for you!

Clubhouse App Is Great for Thought Leaders and Those Aspiring To Be

The platform where you should be spending the greatest amount of time is one where you’re going to be able to reach the greatest amount of people.

And, right now, for most people that’s not going to be Clubhouse.

However, I would definitely recommend to check out Clubhouse and, if nothing else, reserve your name and also link your Instagram account for that ever important cross-promotion of platforms. More than likely, then, someone will send you an invite!

But what is an invite?

Well, for that bit of juice (which really does make the app addicting) and:

  • The time spent on ClubHouse and how to evaluate it best
  • Who is, at this time, finding the most popularity on ClubHouse
  • Why it’s important to be careful not to justify why you need to be on the app

Then definitely check out the episode of Build Your Tribe below:

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