How To Stop Your Phone Addiction

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Just think back to 10 years ago: phone addiction wasn’t really a thing. This means that for so many of us today the compulsion to check our phones every freaking second is merely a habit. Which means you can stop and change it.

Now, I’m not saying you have to eliminate checking your phone altogether. Because, let’s be honest, you need it for lots of important day-to-day things!

However, it’s imperative — for overall health and happiness — to stop one’s phone addiction. You know it and I know it.

Phone Addiction is a Habit Which Means You Can Stop It

Here’s my #1 tip:

Replace the habit of grabbing your phone with grabbing your daily planner!

Ideally, your PUSH journal. But seriously, whatever planner works best for you is fantastic! Just make sure you find one that’s small enough and portable enough.

Which is why, coincidentally, I’m not a fan of annual planners as they’re usually too big and super inconvenient. Meaning, they generally don’t work when you need to depend on them at all times. Dependability and practicality are what you need to solidify this habit. 

Once you’ve committed to your journal, I’d like you to focus on repeating this line to yourself whenever the need to grab your phone strikes…

“I need to grab my planner!”

Again, this habit will only work if the journal you’re reaching for is compact enough to have with you 24/7. I’d suggest to grab a 90-day planner! They work best for me and they’re totally my lifeline.

Grabbing Your Daily Planner Instead of your Phone Can Stop The Addiction

For those of you who wear glasses or drink water constantly, you know what I’m talking about. Eventually, you get to a place where you don’t leave the room without your glasses or your water bottle!

You know it’s possible!

So, I can’t stress this enough: To break the habit of grabbing your phone whenever you:

  • Want a distraction
  • Get bored
  • “Need” to check your social media

You must condition yourself to grab your daily planner!

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