Narrow Down Your Niche in Business (Why It’s Important)

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So many entrepreneurs and business owners, in general, are consumed with promoting their companies. And that’s all well and good, but, I’m telling you, it’s far more crucial to focus on ways to narrow down your niche — if you’re looking to truly stand out in business and be successful. Just saying.

Narrow Down Your Niche if you Want To Stand Out and Be Successful in Business

The riches are in the niches.”

I’m guessing that’s a quote you may have heard before. It’s super popular among entrepreneurs. Yet, doing just that — homing in on your niche — is a really difficult thing for most, myself included.


Because when we think of what it takes to truly narrow down our niche, it feels like we’re going to be excluding a certain segment of our audience.

(And, not to mention, that whatever we decide on is so freaking important that it’ll be written on our tombstone!)

“I better pick the right niche, and seriously can’t even move forward until I do!”

The number one comment that I hear from people when I stress how crucial it is to narrow down their niche is,

“Oh, it’s so hard because I have so many interests!”

The overriding feeling / emotion is that of fearing to commit.

Many Are Too Afraid To Narrow Down Their Niche Due to Fear of Commitment

Recently, on a Live chat with hundreds of my InstaClubHub members, I made an analogy — re: fear to narrow down one’s niche — that seemed to work as an epiphany for many in the room.

Don’t Be A Player

Are you dying for the analogy? Don’t worry, you know I got you.

I explained,

Saying that you’ve got so many other interests and that you’re afraid to pick one thing is like being a player. You’re like, ‘I can’t settle down and marry someone because there’s so many gorgeous guys and I wanna date them all.’ Well, you can do that, but you’ll never find your true soul mate and enjoy the depths of a relationship — when you’re just a player. And nobody trusts a player because we all know they can’t focus on just one thing.

And now it’s time to go even further…

Let’s say your Industry is health and wellness (it’s that Industry box you check off when doing a questionnaire, for example).

Next, you must dial in a little closer and consider the Category of health and wellness:

  • Fitness
  • Naturopathic healing
  • Dietitian

There’s obviously so many different categories of wellness!

Consider Different Categories in your Niche When It's time to Narrow Down

Hence, first, know your industry (say it out loud right now) and, then, know your category (also say that out loud).

Now what you want to do is ask yourself,

“Within the category, how can I really describe it more specifically?”

For real-life examples on how to do just that, plus:

  • How I niched down several of my accounts – even further
  • The way I took advantage of the fitness niche back in the day
  • How I’ve continually revised my niche
  • Why I’m always open to changing up my niche

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