Consistency: How To Be Consistent In Life

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Consistency is not something you’re necessarily born with. But the good news is, just like any other skill –  discipline, accountability, punctuality – it can be developed.

Here are 4 ways to master consistency:

Number ONE: You expect to do this.

If your brain has already told you that you’ll fall off the wagon, you will.

But, Chalene, how do I stop speaking negatively to myself?”

I want you to replace that negative thought with five affirmatives.

Listen, it’s normal to talk unfairly to yourself. Sometimes you can’t stop that. What you can do, however, is drown it out by repeating the positive things that you expect to have happen.

Number TWO: Make a conscious decision to be consistent.

You have to say it out loud and repeat it to yourself.

”I am committed. I’m going to be consistent. I will reach my goal. I freakin’ got this. I’m going to do this because I want this.”

And the second half of that step is to figure out how that thing makes you feel. You know, the thing that you’re trying to be consistent about.

Number THREE: Focus on that feeling.

Don’t think about the task. Think about how good you feel when you actually do it. Whether it’s a workout or planning a date night with your spouse or actually carving out the time to do something with your kids without your devices. All of those commitments would make you feel good, right?

Number FOUR: The accountability.

Here are layers of accountability that I recommend…

A) Get yourself a partner in crime. Find somebody who’s going to keep you accountable. Whether that’s calendaring your date nights or scheduling an early morning workout or whatever.

It is about finding somebody who will keep you consistent even on the days when you’re not feeling like it. And you will do the same for that person.

B) Make sure you have measurable, reachable, attainable, exciting goals. If your goal is to lose 75 lbs., that’s not exciting. That’s depressing. It’s debilitating. 75 lbs. sounds like a lot. But if I suggested that you set a goal to lose 5 lbs. this month, that’s attainable. That’s doable. Hence, set for yourself some attainable, exciting, short, fast-approaching goals you can hit and aren’t going to leave you feeling depressed. Rather, make you feel like you have momentum!

C) Have a daily plan. I mean, for example, if you’re going to prepare your meals for the week or consult with a nutritionist or decide that you’re going to work out every single day, you need to plan that out. You need to schedule tomorrow’s work out. You need to put on the calendar which evening you’re going to spend devoted to your significant other.

This is exactly why I created your SmartLife PUSH Journal! It will get you to master your schedule and give you the ability to plan like a rock star! Thus, creating order, consistency, and happiness in your daily life!

Now, my last and final comment to you is this…

It’s okay to miss a day. Imperfection is to be expected.

My goal is to work out seven days a week. I repeat this goal every week because I will be very happy with myself if I work out five days a week. I expect that life is going to get in the way. One of those days something is going to come up that I hadn’t anticipated. Life simply gets in the way and I don’t need my fitness to take priority over people.

That’s what I’m after, my friends… consistency. Not perfection.


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