How To Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

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Chalene, how do I convert my followers into customers?This is a question I get often in social media. And it’s something I know a little bit about as much of Marketing Impact Academy is centered around this strategy.

Imagine people constantly watching your content on Instagram, for example, and finding you totally inspiring.

But somehow they never convert (i.e., take action) when you ask them to join your team or buy your product or sign up for your classes.

Why Can't You Convert Followers To Customers On Instagram

What You’re Doing Wrong #1: You Have Too Much Information and Not Enough Curiosity Marketing

It’s imperative to give people a reason to interact with you. For many, their profile / feed is a monologue as opposed to a dialogue. You’ve got to ask questions.

What You’re Doing Wrong #2: Everything Looks The Same

Check your own IG. If it has slowly gone backward in engagement, then take a look at your page and ask yourself, “Has it looked the same for a long time?

See, we used to think consistency in branding was a good thing. But if there’s nothing new going on, why would peeps engage and, ultimately, convert?

That’s why you must give followers a reason to STOP THE SCROLL.

You Can Convert Users Into Buyers When They Stop The Scroll

What You’re Doing Wrong #3: You Haven’t Created Relationships

There needs to be some bridge between something free and easy (like, a comment or DM on social media) to handing over a credit card (or whatever you’re after).

Before you jump straight to parading your freemium, it’s crucial to go deep on relationships with people. Send video and audio messages. Focus on those who actually are engaging.

Build a relationship with them first. Then, worry about everything else second.

Dude, there are so many other questions I’m asked in social on the daily. Some of which, include:

How can I start to promote my business when I don’t have everything perfectly finalized?

Will engagement groups or pods hinder your growth and engagement in Instagram?

What are the best ways to stand out on social media, especially when you’re in a MLM, a multi-level marketing business?

How do you manage multiple feature accounts on Instagram successfully?

Do you need authorization (is it legal) to share other people’s content in your eBook?

Well, I’m excited to inform that all those questions above (and more!) are answered by my son, Brock, and I in the Build Your Tribe podcast episode below…

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