COVID-19 and Vitamin D Connection

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There’s not a person on the planet who hasn’t been affected in some way by COVID-19. Whether someone you know has suffered from the illness, you’re on lockdown, or your job is in jeopardy, this health crisis is definitely public enemy #1.

If you’re worried about protecting yourself and your loved ones, you’re not alone especially if you fall into a high risk category.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss some promising findings related to vitamin D and COVID-19, along with vitamin K2 and vitamin C. 

Promising findings related to vitamin D and COVID-19

Vitamin D and COVID-19 Research

recent study from Northwestern University analyzed patient information from 10 countries. Researchers discovered, “a correlation between low vitamin D levels and hyperactive immune systems.” Vitamin D boosts overall immunity, so these findings support what we already know. In addition, might help explain why children remain largely unaffected. 

They caution that people need not take excessive amounts, which can lead to negative side effects. However, sufficient levels may actually cut the mortality rate in half.

Healthy levels of vitamin D may not prevent you from contracting the Coronavirus. But rather, prevents the immune system from becoming dangerously overactive; it protects your innate immune system.

This finding specifically relates to kids and how they’re being spared. “Children do not yet have a fully developed acquired immune system, which is the immune system’s second line of defense and more likely to overreact. Children primarily rely on their innate immune system.”

Supplementing the Right Way

Many professionals in the scientific community believe there’s a correlation between COVID-19’s devastating effects and low levels of vitamin C.

COVID-19 Hits People with Pre-Existing Conditions Harder

New clinical trials finishing up in September are testing high dose vitamin C in patients with COVID-19. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties show lots of promise, and when combined with vitamin D, may provide much needed protection. In fact, the combo seems essential for everyone when you consider there’s low risk, it’s attainable and affordable for most people.

Vitamin D3 is most effective when combined with adequate levels of vitamin K2. K2 tells your calcium where to go in the body. And, it’s a carrier for other vitamins. Many supplements provide this exact combo in one capsule or tincture. Our best natural food source of K2 comes from grass-finished beef that feeds on greens, never grains. Organ meat, dairy, chicken and egg yolks also contain vitamin K2.

Bonus Protection

Antioxidants fight free-radicals and improve your immune system. One of the best ways to do this is through mushrooms. You can do this via the real food, capsules, or sipping on an immune-boosting tea.

Immune Boosting Mushroom Tea can Fight COVID-19

Organifi Gold boats a whole host of powerful immune boosters like reishi and turkey tail mushrooms (but tastes like hot chocolate). Known to help with sleep and reducing inflammation, it’s a tasty and relaxing way to protect yourself. The warmth, ritual and ingredients invite a sense of calm, helping to combat stress and anxiety.

If you prefer things over ice, Organifi Green and Red juices are a great choice. You’ll find they support immunity, provide cordyceps mushrooms (in the red), help detox and contain super-foods (in amounts difficult to get from food alone). Their Immunity packets contain super-foods, mushrooms, Vitamin C, D3 and zinc. Note: all the powerhouses being discussed in scientific communities right now.

For any Organifi product, just make sure you use code CHALENE to get 15% off!

My Final Thoughts

If you weren’t concerned about supplementing before the COVID-19 epidemic, now’s the time to start.

Protecting your health and your family might be as easy as supplementing with a few easy-to-find supplements, including:

  • Vitamins D3, K2, C
  • Zinc
  • Mushrooms

Get tested before supplementing to know where you stand to avoid excessive levels.

Vitamin D should be covered by most insurances, talk to your doctor about having your levels tested. However, if you want to get it tested on your own, or can’t wait to be seen by a doctor, then take your health into your own hands with this at home Vitamin D Test from EverlyWell.

For much more on this subject, including many additional studies, why you shouldn’t buy supplements on Amazon and which populations are more prone to contracting COVID-19, check out The Chalene Show below!

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