How To Engage Customers Through Email

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If you’ve been doing business online at any point in the last 20 years, then you know the value and importance of an email list. To review, though…  it’s the most safe, reliable and secure way for a business owner online to contact and engage with their followers/customers/subscribers.

Engage with Customers By Email is Secure and Best Way

Social media apps are way too risky and challenging when you consider all of the changes to all the different algorithms. 

One day you might reach 100,000 customers and the next day you might reach 100 — if you’re lucky. 

Now, that’s not to say that email marketing is a walk in the park, but at least you own those contacts and the right to email them at any time. 

They’re not going away.

However, whether people open your emails, engage and read them all the way till the end… is a whole other conversation.

Engage With Customers With Email They Read Till End

How To Engage Customers Though Email

Some preamble: Over the last few years, social media has been trending much less:

  • professional
  • polished
  • perfected
  • refined
  • filtered 

And — it is trending much more:

  • raw
  • authentic
  • in the moment
  • quick

All of which leads me to my main point:

Keep your emails super short, pithy and concise! (all those words are a variation on the same thing, but I had to drill home the point!)

In fact, my son, Brock, recently sent out an email (to his list) that was literally one sentence long and that one sentence was a question,

What kind of emails do you prefer? Long ones, with detail and explanations, or short ones, quick and to the point? 

And over 85% of respondents said that they prefer short, quick, to the point emails. 

Think about that!

This particular feedback is, I’m sure, super relatable for your email subscribers, as well.

Keep Emails Short to Engage with Customers Best

Meaning, you don’t have to spend so much time writing long emails.

And we’ve all been there, right?

Hours and hours writing and editing these multi-paragraph emails! The worst.

But when psychology and studies tell us that most people don’t read past the first few sentences of an email, anyway… what’s the point?

The algorithm.

Believe it or not, there’s a little bit of an algorithm going on in email marketing.

So, if you’re able to get your customers/clients to not just open your email, but to click on the links, read all the way through and respond…

The algorithm (within the email provider) is going to learn that and reward you for it.

How exactly will you be rewarded? For THAT and much more related to this topic, check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:


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