Benefits of Breathing Through Your Nose While Sleeping (and Not Your Mouth)

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It wasn’t until very recently that I discovered that being a mouth breather (at night) was doing serious harm to my health. Upon further I research, I discovered the myriad benefits of breathing through your nose — which is especially true while sleeping. Let’s get into it…

Breathing Through Nose Is Important Especially While Sleeping

Being a mouth breather all my life, I didn’t realize what an impact it had on my overall health, including my:

  • ADHD
  • sleep
  • tooth decay
  • lost voice (from having a dry larynx)

And did you know that people who sleep with their mouth open have significantly worse dental health (despite their dental hygiene). You’ll find that, in general, they have:

  • poorly formed jaw muscles
  • more crooked teeth
  • bad breath

Bottom line: We weren’t meant to breathe through our mouths. Our mouths were meant to basically chew things and swallow things. 

We are designed to breathe through our nose.
We Are Designed Breathing Through Nose

Breathing through our nose basically allows those little nasal hairs to filter out all the dust, allergens and pollen — which, in turn, prevents those things from entering our lungs.

Think of nose breathing as a filter against dust and mold and bacteria!

The science behind nose breathing.

If you can train yourself to breathe almost exclusively through your nose, you’ll increase nitric oxide.

Why is this important?

Well, it increases blood flow throughout your body — opening up or widening your blood vessels — and creates a higher oxygenated level to your brain.

Other reasons you want to increase nitric oxide:

  • antibacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-pathogenic
  • anti-viral
Additional Benefits of Breathing Through Your Nose While Sleeping (and Not Your Mouth) 
  • Slows down your heart rate
  • Improves REM sleep
  • Increases oxygen uptake
  • Expands lung volume

All of the above improves your immune system!

Breathing Nose Benefits Improves Immune Health

Our nose is our first line of immune defense, so when we breath through our mouths, we’re basically allowing unfiltered air — i.e., health problems — into our body.

And did you know there are actual (shocking) aesthetic reasons for breathing through our nose exclusively?

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