Facebook Group Or Page For Business?

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Should you have a Facebook Page or Group to help grow your business? Inquiring minds are Googling this dilemma by the second! I mean, with over 1 billion active users, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your future customer awaits you on Facebook more than any other social media platform – at this time. Of course, it depends on your goals, niche, and all of that… but common sense would suggest that you NEED Facebook to ensure business success. But how?

Facebook Group VS Facebook Page

Many business owners, entrepreneurs, brands, artists, and the like find themselves frozen with fear by this choice. Well, it’s time to leave anxiety on your therapist’s couch because there is a clear-cut way to solve this problem:

Brainstorm all your ideas – on paper – as to your ultimate business objective!

Because Facebook Groups and Pages greatly differ from one another, they’re going to offer individual distinctive qualities for business owners and their customers.

The quick down-low on Facebook Pages:

On account of the fact a Page bears a strong resemblance to one’s personal profile, the majority of users are quite likely familiar with this format. At such time you figure out the settings on your Page, you would simply update your followers in much the same fashion you would on your personal profile.

That said, your Page’s primary function will have nothing to do with you, on a personal level. But, rather, your product. The purpose of which is to showcase whatever it is your trying to promote.

The cool thing is… people have to “opt-in” to your Page by “liking” it. They’ve chosen to do so. Hence, they’re likely to be pay attention to whatever you post. Not to mention, once they “like” your page, that information goes public (on display) on their own personal page – serving as PR for your business!

Consider your Facebook Page as the vehicle which showcases your business on the WWW. Sharing stories, blogs, live video, info-graphics, and anything else you trust your followers would benefit from and engage with. It’s your marketing machine. Ultimately, providing an overall handbook, if you will, of your biz. Ideally, sending customers to your website. 

The quick down-low on Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups are on a whole other level, though. While Pages are steered by you (the administrator), Facebook Groups are driven by your community.

Everyone is there to share in a common interest, cause, or goal!

When creating a Group, you have the option to admit members in several ways: public, closed, or secret. This will decide how your Group is viewed by the masses. Personally, I lean toward maintaining a “closed group” because there’s this overall sense of engaging with an exclusive tribe. And I believe, at the end of the day, that is the true allure of a Group, in general.

Facebook Groups help us to realize one very basic human need: we all want to belong. Because you have to be invited or figuratively raise your hand and request to join, there’s a special feeling of acceptance that goes along with that.

Unless your Group is “secret,” it will appear in Facebook searches – with description and member lineup available to whoever is perusing. While it may not offer total anonymity, members feel secure knowing their posts will only show up in front fellow joiners of the Group (newsfeed).

It’s human nature that we feel more inclined to participate when we’re amongst like-minded individuals.

The role of the Group administrator should be to moderate posts and implement rules, as necessary. They shouldn’t be there solely to create content. Can’t stress this enough… Facebook Groups were designed to help bring members of your audience together. Growing as a whole while growing your brand.

It’s instrumental for the creator / moderator / administrator to have oodles of expertise and insight to share with their community. Although, the value to the members residing in your Group is much greater than just what YOU’RE doing on a daily basis.

Providing a safe and productive forum for the community to unite on is paramount.

All of this leads up to… GROUPS, at this time, are more beneficial to your business than PAGES.

And did you know it’s possible to make serious income just from the profits of your Facebook Group alone? You can get paid for them, too! Yeah, paid Facebook Groups is a thing, people!

To learn HOW to build that community in Groups and actually make big money by doing so… you’re going to want to check out my recent (and hot!) episode of Build Your Tribe, titled: Facebook Groups | How to Monetize and Grow your Reach at the same time with Bob Heilig.

You’ll find this game changing podcast right here! 


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