Weekend Weight Loss Tips

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While a healthy lifestyle is something many people try to adhere to seven days a week, it seems there’s one time, specifically, they let it all go. The dedication, the plan, the consistency… gone! And that, Lifers, is on the weekend! Can you relate? It seems the majority of society simply decides to give themselves permission to blow it from Friday night through Sunday. This results in early Monday punishment, no doubt. Whether you’re berating yourself for going so far off course or your stomach is constantly reminding you of such. Ouch. 

Well, today, we’re going to change your weekend mindset. We’re going to 180 this with tips on what you can do to actually shed those pounds over the weekend. And, by extension, get all-around healthier.

To really take this list in, you must have an open mind.

Tip #1: No alcohol.

Decide on Thursday that starting Friday there will be no alcohol consumed all weekend.

Don’t freak out. You’ll be just as fun and have as much of a great time with your friends socializing without hitting the bottle. It’s just a habit. And if you’re reading this and shaking because you can’t imagine getting through your weekend without your alcohol, then, people, it’s NOT just a habit and there’s an issue.

As far as shedding some pounds, though…

Alcohol has way more calories than what most of us assume. Not to mention, those calories are majority sugar. It also diminishes our ability to make good decisions about our food. Even worse, it slows our metabolism. Did I mention it causes bloat and puffiness? Frankly, it’s just not something you need this weekend.

Listen, you need to be able to have a great time and enjoy conversations without alcohol. Now, I just want you to try it one weekend. Okay? But, again, you need to make that decision on Thursday.

Tip #2: Three days of steady state, long endurance, cardio.

As you might know, this is in contrast to what I usually preach. Which is more about HIIT training, lifting weights, and doing tons of different types of fitness programs. The point here, though, is about you hitting Monday morning and getting on the scale and going, “Whoa, that’s crazy.”

For instance, a long:

  • Run
  • Bike ride
  • Steady slow jog
  • Power walk

You know, things that keep your heart rate at a relatively high rate.

Now, the reason why I want you to do this? It’s a great way for fast weight loss. Yes, you’re going to lose a lot of water. No, I don’t recommend you do it seven days a week because, ultimately, it’s not going to help you. But, if we’re talking about a weekend quick fix, this is going to work.

Tip #3: HIIT workout for 2 days.

Pick 2 days, Friday – Sunday (your choice) and do fifteen-minute HIIT workouts.

A HIIT workout, AKA High Intensity Interval Training, means you’re going to work at your maximum heart rate for approximately thirty seconds to a minute and then you recover anywhere from ten seconds to thirty seconds. It should be so hard physically that, from a cardiovascular standpoint, you couldn’t continue doing it for more than say a minute or so.

Tip #4: Late start / early finish eating.

Start your eating later in the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Meaning, I don’t want you to have your first meal until 11 a.m.

It’s three days; you’re not going to die. You wanted to lose weight this weekend, right? I’m giving you the secret sauce, people.

And you’re going to end your food consumption early. Your last meal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday should be finished no later than 7 p.m. Yes! I know that’s an eight hour window for eating. AKA, Intermittent Fasting. 

Tip #5: Extra sleep.

Get an extra hour of sleep each day. One hour. That’s it, no excuses. What else is there to say? Go to bed. I don’t care how you do this. You either have to go to bed an hour earlier or sleep in an hour later and make arrangements. If it’s important, you’ll find a way.

Tip #6: No restaurants.

It’s one weekend. You’re going to save some money. You’ll save a lot of calories, too. There are other ways for you to engage and be social other than going out to dinner with friends. Now, ladies, if this is something that’s just going to kill your man because he looks so forward to dining out on the weekends, well, make him a promise that might have something to do with the bedroom. That would get him stoked about the weekend ahead!

Tip #7: Bring your own food.

If you’re going to a party or whatever social event that takes place where you know there’s very little you can do to control your food consumption, then bring your own food. Are people going to look at you strangely? Maybe. Or they may not even notice. The other thing that you could do is make healthy choices once you’re there. But that leads me to…

Tip #8: Raw vegetables.

A cup before lunch and dinner. Here’s why. Researchers at Penn State University recently found that test participants who ate raw vegetables before consuming a meal, consumed nearly 200 calories less than those who did not. And we want to get you losing some weight this weekend!

Raw vegetables are extremely high in fiber, which is going to immediately fill you up.

Tip #9: A partner in crime.

You need a war buddy. Someone who’s going to crawl through the trenches with you. Ideally, this would be your significant other. Just make sure you figure out how you’re going to gingerly approach this proposal to him. (It’s just a small chapter together!)

Don’t tell people what to do. Rather, be very sexy about it and invite your partner to join you on this weekend warrior adventure. All right?

Hey, perhaps there’s a special reward on Sunday night. Catch my drift?

Look, don’t worry if your lover man is unwilling to participate! Just turn to one of your strongest friends. And by strong, I mean this is someone who is not going to let you off the hook.

Together, you will go to war and conquer this weight loss weekend! It’s time to fight back against all of those unhealthy habits. And this is a good reset button for you!

Though, for anyone considering longterm health benefits… you must change your body and mind from the inside out. This is precisely why I created 131 Method! Thousands upon thousands of lives have already changed. If you haven’t signed up for this revolutionary program yet, next cycle begins on Monday! When was the last time you promised yourself you would get healthier?

YOU are the most important person, so breaking a promise to yourself is really letting your most important person down. YOU. GOT. THIS.


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