How to Have More Energy: 4 Types of Energy You Need for Success

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Ever find yourself dragging through the day, feeling like you’ve done next to nothing, yet you’re absolutely wiped out by bedtime? Trust me, you’re not alone, and there’s a whole science behind why this happens. From the seemingly harmless act of scrolling through social media to the mental juggling of your to-do list, every decision and action we make saps our energy. I recently had the chance to share insights about managing your energy at the Marketing Impact Academy event, and the feedback was a game-changer for so many people there.

Say Goodbye to Daily Fatigue and Hello to Peak Productivity

If you’re tired of being tired, wondering why you’re always mentally and emotionally drained, then this blog post is your new best friend. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned from some truly successful folks about mastering your energy reserves and applying these life-altering practices to your daily routine.

Ready to kick fatigue to the curb? Keep reading, and don’t forget to listen to episode #294 of The Chalene Show for an even deeper dive. Trust me, you’ll walk away with practical strategies to feel more energized, starting now.


Harness Your Physical Energy to Drive Success

Let’s dig into something that might surprise you: energy management is a top habit among highly successful people. According to a survey by Forbes, a jaw-dropping 76% of successful millionaires, billionaires, and CEOs prioritize exercise. Why? They understand that managing physical energy is crucial. It’s not about Instagramming that perfect gym selfie. Nope, it’s because they recognize the power of physical vitality in amplifying their daily lives.

Think About Your Energy Investment

Take a moment and consider how you can improve your physical energy. Is it yoga, a daily run, or perhaps dancing like nobody’s watching? Good, now jot down your plan. But don’t stop at physical energy. Here’s where things get even more intriguing: your mental energy also needs love and care.

Tackle the Mental Energy Drain

Our brains are constantly working, and every small decision we make consumes mental energy. From choosing what shoes to wear to deciding when to go on a green light, it’s a never-ending cycle of decision-making. But let’s be real, modern life has ramped up the cognitive load. We’re bombarded with more choices than ever before, but biologically, we’re still playing catch-up.

Conquer Decision Fatigue

One key thing successful people do? They manage their mental energy. They dodge distractions and maintain focus, understanding that even a smartphone notification can deplete their mental reservoir. The secret sauce? Habits. Good habits help you make fewer decisions, thus conserving mental energy. On the flip side, a messy environment and endless distractions only serve to drain your brain. Your mission? Identify your distractions and kick them to the curb.

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Unpack the Energy in Your Food Choices

Speaking of energy, it’s vital to understand how what you eat impacts your energy levels. We can’t ignore that what you put into your body is going to reflect on the outside. Don’t settle for low-quality foods and then wonder why you’re feeling sluggish. Many people have transformed their energy levels just by being mindful of their nutrition.

Consider Your Nutritional Impact

If you feel like you’re not at your peak physically, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your diet. Remember, every aspect of your life improves when you’re fueled by high-quality sustenance. Do some research, maybe look into programs like the One3One method, and then give your body the right kind of fuel it craves.

Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy

What’s your spiritual connection like? Are you feeling plugged in, or are you just floating through life? Your spiritual energy is a significant factor when it comes to feeling energetic. Feeling connected to something or someone outside of yourself can be invigorating.

Seek Spiritual Alignment

If you’re lacking that recharging force in your life, find it. Surround yourself with people or communities that uplift your spirit. Maybe it’s a mastermind group, a circle of friends, or a church community. But remember, hands didn’t shoot up for everyone here. So, if you’re lacking this source of energy, it’s time to take a closer look and cultivate it.

Leverage Your Emotional Energy

Last but not least, there’s emotional energy. Your emotional energy can be a powerful driving force or an insurmountable roadblock. It’s deeply connected to your ‘why’ and how it fuels you to work harder, make sacrifices, and strive for more.

Reconnect With Your Emotional Drivers

On the flip side, negative emotions can be devastating and sap your energy. Whether it’s fear, doubt, or a lingering feeling of unease, these negative emotions can be a stumbling block. So it’s crucial to identify what gives you that kick of emotional energy that propels you forward rather than holds you back.

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The Authenticity Behind Physical Energy: No Faking Here!

Let’s talk about physical energy—the first impression, the immediate vibe that you radiate. You know, that moment when you wake up and look in the mirror. Do you see yourself as energetic even when you’re alone? It’s an interesting thought. Physical energy has a lot to do with our facial expressions, like smiling. Some people think that forcing a smile is disingenuous, but what’s the alternative? Walking around with a look of frustration? That’s even less true to how you might be feeling inside.

I once had a conversation with someone who questioned the authenticity of always trying to smile. But hey, if you’re not actually upset, why project that? Especially when you consider how contagious smiles can be. It sets the energy in the room and forms the initial bonds between people. These initial bonds are more crucial than you might realize.

How Physical Energy Shapes Lifelong Relationships

In the early days of my business with Bret, we’d hold auditions for fitness instructors to join our team. We could often tell on the first day which candidates had that spark, just by the way they sat and took notes. These are people I’ve remained friends with for years, and it all started because their energy resonated with me. You see, even something as simple as how you’re sitting can transmit volumes about the type of energy you bring into a room.

The Domino Effect: Physical Energy as a Foundation

Your physical energy also contributes to other types of energy: mental, spiritual, and emotional. Let’s say you’re going through a difficult period—maybe in your business or in a relationship. During these times, physical exercise becomes crucial. Why? Because it gives you the mental stamina you need to navigate through life’s challenges.

If you lack mental energy, it’s hard to be spiritually connected, which is the next domino to fall. Finally, when all these other energies are low, your emotional energy suffers. It’s your reserve tank, the last line of defense. When that’s gone, everything else crumbles.


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Reassessing Your Emotional Connection to Goals

There’s this thing about emotional energy. It’s tightly bound to your passions, your dreams, your “why.” Have you ever started a project full of enthusiasm only to lose steam halfway? Maybe you still want to pursue it because giving up feels like quitting. But ask yourself, is there any emotional energy left? If not, it’s likely that you’ve lost your why, which affects every other energy source you have.

Managing Energy, Not Time

A lot of people will say there aren’t enough hours in the day, but the reality is, we’ve all got the same 24 hours. The key isn’t to manage time but to manage energy. When your energy is high and balanced, you’re better equipped to fully engage with life and relish the moments that really matter.

Energy as Your Lifeblood

In conclusion, I want to remind everyone how pivotal it is to understand and manage your energy on multiple levels. It’s not just about being energetic physically, but also about nourishing your mental, spiritual, and emotional reserves. When you’re in tune with these different dimensions, you can lead a life that’s not just successful but also profoundly fulfilling.


So, there you have it! I hope you found some nuggets of wisdom in this post that resonate with you. Let’s keep the energy flowing and the conversation going. Feel free to reach out on your favorite social media platform. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

And don’t forget to listen to episode #294 of The Chalene Show – it’s a special experience to hear the live audience at Marketing Impact Academy react to these tips.

Stay awesome— Until next time!


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