How Does Group Coaching Work?

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Joining a group to get coaching on some aspect of your life — from business to personal — can make a huge difference in accomplishing one’s goals.

  • Going to the gym
  • Growing your brand
  • Eating right
  • Writing your screenplay

Whatever it is for you, having a place to check in with is oftentimes the catalyst for getting your stuff done.

Bottom line: group coaching has the potential to help you reach your full potential!

Group Coaching Has The Potential To Change Your Life

Keep in mind, though… the more accountability you want, typically the more you have to invest. 

A note on one-on-one coaching.

Generally, you’re going to pay more. You have to be very selective in finding the right individual. Please, make sure they’ve already done the thing you’re trying to do. And they’ve done it many times over with other people — not just themselves.

Let’s face it, not everyone who has success can coach others on how to have success in that thing, right?

Group coaching comes in different tiers.

  • Mastermind: All members hold each other accountable inside the group
  • Coach / leader: One person is in charge and holds check-in’s with members — in person or virtually

Both of these types of group offerings can be handled in myriad ways. It depends on how the leader and/or members decide to run things. That said, the common denominator is a place for members to report back to with the goal of improving upon their lives in some capacity.

If there’s a monetary investment (which, most certainly, plays a role in progress for many), virtual group coaching tends to be the most affordable. But, keep in mind, the least hands on.

Group Coaching Can Be Done Virtually

At the end of the day, when it comes to group coaching — and, really, any kind of coach / mentoring relationship — you’ll have the advantage.

If you want to be better, then invest in people who are going to help you get there.

Period. End of subject.

You’ve heard this on countless episodes of Build Your Tribe. I know of not one successful person, not one — from my circle of friends to strangers I’ve met to those I’ve studies under — who got to where they are on their own.

Joining a group can be a scary investment of time and/or money, but it might just be the thing you need! Listen to the Build Your Tribe episode below for much more on this topic, including:

Additional types of mentor and coaching opportunities and how each, in their own way, can make a huge difference in accomplishing your goals!

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