What The Instagram Algorithm Wants

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The Instagram algorithm, more than all things, wants you to prioritize relationships. See, this could’ve been a blog where I kept you waiting in total suspense as to what the answer (to the title) might be. But no, we don’t have time for that in 2020.

So, how does one make relationships — with their followers —  a priority?

You engage with them!

Instagram Algorithm Wants You To Engage With Followers

I want you to repeat this mantra whenever you post on good ol’ IG:

What can I do for my followers today?

Well, let’s get to that and, more specifically, establishing a connection between you and your lifers. 

One — Be intentional about engagement.

If you make a commitment to use Instagram more intentionally (i.e, WHO you are engaging with), you won’t have time to engage with hundreds of different accounts on a daily basis. But what you are going to be able to do is interact more effectively — which will move the needle in your business.

Focusing on the right people for you and your brand plays a prominent role in Instagram’s algorithm.

Two — 30 minutes of engagement per day. 

Depending on your scrolling habits, this may seem like a lot OR a little time on the platform. However, I’m talking about using these 30 minutes with total intentionality. In a way that’s going to equate to more followers, more conversions and, ultimately, more engagement. 

Recommendation: Do this in either three 10-minute segments or six 5-minute segments. Basically, you’re just breaking up this usage into bite-sized chunks.

Engage All Day Long in Small Chunks To Improve Your Ranking With Instagram's Algorithm

Three — Make a list of 10 accounts who have your ideal following.

These accounts should have:

  • More followers than you do
  • Followers in your target niche
  • Lots of engagement

And what is good engagement? It should be anywhere between 10% – 20% of likes (or comments) in relation to the amount of your followers. Hence, if brand X has 20k followers, they should be getting about 2000 likes on their posts.

But there’s a key step to follow once you have your list of 10 accounts! For that super important tip and, not to mention, an awesome algorithm hack, you must check out this episode of Build Your Tribe!

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