How To Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

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The reality is we have the ability to promote any piece of content — whether it’s a podcast, Facebook live, Youtube video, or Pinterest post — on other platforms. So, even though I threw Instagram onto the title of this blog, these tips apply to almost anywhere you’re posting on social media.

And the biggest mistake I see people making is how they’re using those other platforms to promote what they want to promote.

You Can Promote Content on Any Social Media Platform
Because of which, let’s begin with what not to do first. 

1. Avoid white noise.

Last year, podcasters discovered this cool app that shows the wave file of you speaking. Hence, they’d choose an image, and overlay this “animated graphic” over the cover art of the show. And then, loop a one-minute, awesome, juicy, little soundbite from the podcast with the image!

When these first became a thing, it was different and new. So, people were intrigued, thinking, “Oh, what’s this!?”

Well, that feature became overused and, in no time at all, people didn’t find it very useful or interesting anymore. Now, those posts tend to tank in terms of likes and shares. 

You don’t want anything you post to turn into white noise. Your social media needs to feel like a pattern interrupt.

2. Screenshots.

Many podcasters and YouTubers take a screenshot of their latest episode, and just share it in one single post.

  • “It’s up!”
  • “Swipe up!”
  • “Listen now!”

Boring. Big mistake. Nobody cares.

3. Inauthenticity.

I have a story for you. There’s this social media influencer — who shall remain nameless — who I can always tell when she’s about to do a sponsored story.

See, normally, when she’s doing her social, she casually holds her phone and talks to her peeps during whatever she’s doing.

  • Folding the laundry
  • Cooking
  • Putting on makeup
  • Shopping

You get the idea!

Now, I don’t know if she realizes this, but every time I see her do a hands-free recording, I’m like,

“Oh, here comes a phony promotion in something that she doesn’t even believe in.”


It’s ONLY during these particular hands-free moments when her demeanor and tone change. She’ll sit back in her chair (perfectly lit) and start to recite horribly phony dialogue about why you need to buy whatever she has decided to promote that day.

Be Authentic When You Promote on Instagram

It’s imperative to be aware of your authenticity and be consistent about it!

For what to do in place of the mistakes noted above, my favorite video editing app, why influencers tend not to promote their work when on OTHER influencer’s shows and much more… listen to the Build Your Tribe episode below!

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