How To End Self-Doubt

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TRUTH: self-doubt is costing you money, time, relationships and happiness. Figuring out how to end this negative cycle of thinking and being is the only way one can live a full and productive life.

End Self-Doubt for a Full and Productive Life

Personal anecdote: The other night I got this text message from a dear friend,

“Do you ever feel like your life is not normal or you’re just destined to have bad things happen?”

I’d like to add that this particular friend happens to be successful in both her business and personal life. But yet, every 3 or 4 months, she needs to tell me about some new mini catastrophe.

So, how did I respond to her text? Well, I replied in all honesty (because it’s the only way I know how to be with my friends),

“No, I don’t ever feel that way. In fact, I feel the opposite. I feel like my life is so outrageously amazing. I’m so filled with blessings. I have so many that I want for nothing more, and I think that’s why blessings keep coming to me.”

Anyway, her text — from a fellow freaking entrepreneur! — served as this huge reminder that…

YOU might need this message (AKA blog) today.

How To End Self-Doubt?

How To End Self-Doubt to Live the Life you want

Take Action

The self-doubt you constantly experience stems from your thoughts and deep-rooted beliefs. And the only way we change beliefs is through action.

Telling ourselves something is true — or yelling it in the mirror — doesn’t change it. We have to see it.

Because of which, the first thing I’d like for you to do is to look at your blessings. The good and the bad.

Starting with the bad…

Identify the silver lining in every bad thing that has happened in your life.

  • What did you learn?
  • How did it help you to pivot to change to turn to grow?
  • What did it expose for you?

We are blessed by going through difficult times so that we may truly feel and appreciate when good things happen for us.

And this isn’t an example of toxic positivity.

My words are coming from 30 years of business experience and a life that is literally outrageously amazing.

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