5 Factors That Motivate Customers To Buy

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The prevailing wisdom in business — if you want to succeed in sales and motivate customers to buy — is just to show up every single day. But if that were the case, there would be a lot more people slaying in sales.

There’s an order. It’s never as simple as,

“Buy these ingredients and you can make this delicious cake!”

You have to know which ingredients to buy, the measurements, how to mix them, the order in which they need to be added and how long to bake it.

The top thing that you can do right now to learn about sales is:

Stop thinking about your customer and predicting what will motivate them to buy — and just think about you.

Think About What Will Motivate Your Customer to Buy By Thinking About What Factors You Care About

I truly believe that is one of the reasons why I’ve had such tremendous success in sales. I’m always considering what I, personally, would find…

  • Cheesy
  • Distasteful
  • High pressure
  • Off-putting

…and then I don’t do those things.

The 5 Factors That Motivate Customers To Buy

We buy things because they:

  1. Save us time
  2. Make us money or save us money
  3. Help us avoid pain or avoid loss
  4. Change us / make us better / help us improve
  5. Make us feel good

Think about it:

  • Why do you buy almost anything for your office, like: calendars, planners, desktops, etc.? In one way or another they allow you to be more efficient with your time.
  • Why do you buy a water filter? They save you money in the long run.
  • Why do you buy health products? Because they’ll help in avoidance of pain.
  • Why do you buy nonfiction books? To be better / improve in some way.
  • Why do you buy makeup? They’re going to help you transform and feel good.

One of the Factors That Motivate Customs To Buy is Saving Time

To reiterate, it all, ultimately, comes down to the same reasons:

  • Save time
  • Avoid pain
  • Save money
  • Feel better
  • Be better
  • Transform
  • Feel good

Now, if the thing that you offer delivers all of these things, you still need one very important ingredient…


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