How To Change Your Mood To Happy

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When researching this blog, I decided to search “happy” in books on Amazon. The result? Over 70k selections! So yeah, if you’re looking to change your mood to happy, you’re certainly not alone.

Changing Your Mood To Happy is very Relatable

Most often, people — including myself — are sad when worrying about what others (who really don’t matter) think. Like:

  • Did I let her down somehow?
  • Is he disappointed in me?
  • Am I not living up to her standards?
  • Will they think I’m good / smart / pretty / thin / rich enough?

You just need to forget about it, but — more importantly — you need to focus on what matters to you.

Change your mood by changing your focus.

Picture it: You’re really stressed about some issue. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, something urgent (good or bad) occurs in your life. Now — your focus is on THAT. Whatever you were anxiety-ridden about is no longer even in your consciousness.

Picture another scenario: You’re fighting with your spouse at home. Angry emotions flying all over the place. The doorbell rings. You head to the door, open it, and with a smile as sweet as pie you ask the stranger how you may be of help.

My point is — it’s possible to change your mood in an instant and it doesn’t just depend on outside forces. You have the power to make it happen yourself.

It's Possible to Change your Mood in an Instant by Changing your Focus

And this may sound basic, but the way you change your mood / focus is simply by having something to focus on.


You’ve got to know:

  • Where you’re headed
  • Why you are here
  • What’s your purpose
  • Why you have been through the muck and back

Because if you start to focus on what you’re going to do with the greatness you have inside of you, you can’t be sad. It’s impossible.

You won’t have the time or the space or the energy or the desire to worry about people who don’t deserve your worry. People who, quite frankly, have very little to do with this future you are planning for yourself.

So, when you focus on things that are exciting and possible, it puts everything into perspective and, I promise, you will be happier.

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