What Are Instagram Live Rooms and How Are They VS Clubhouse?

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Instagram Live Rooms is a brand new feature which allows you to invite up to three other creators to go live with you. And when you go live with another creator in this way, you’re inviting in their audience and your audience at the same time.

Hence, you’re tripling or quadrupling, I guess, depending on how you look at it, the size of your audience when you’re live in Rooms.

Instagram Live Rooms Allow You To Talk With Up to 3 Other Creators And Expand Your Audience

Why Did Instagram Create Live Rooms?

They’re competing with other platforms, most specifically — Clubhouse.

One of the popular features of Clubhouse is the fact that you can collaborate with other creators and then you draw on that creator’s audience.

Which Platform Is Right For You?

If you need one-on-ones and you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert to other experts, then Clubhouse may just be an ideal platform for you.

Side note: I played with Clubhouse long enough to figure out that it’s not the best platform for me. Because I’m not trying to reach other experts… it’s quite simply not the best use of my time.

My goal is to reach people who are small business owners, who want to start a business and/or who want to understand social media.

Hence, the most constructive use of my time are things, like:

  • Recording podcasts
  • Writing blogs
  • Creating Instagram Reels

Basically, developing content that can live on indefinitely and reach as many people as possible.

It really depends on what type of business you’re in and what type of clientele you’re trying to build. If you’re looking to build that one-on-one coaching relationship, Clubhouse might be perfect for you.

Instagram Live Rooms Help with Building Your Audience and Clubhouse Is Ideal for One on Ones

Regardless, I think you definitely want to jump on Rooms! It’s a great, easy, fun way to build your audience.

Especially, if you’re going live, strategically, with people whose audience you may not share — but you DO share the same type of avatar. Ultimately, this strategy exposes yourself to an audience that doesn’t really know you… making it an easy way to grow your following on Instagram.

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