How To Find Out What Your Audience Wants On Instagram

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What is it your audience wants from you on Instagram? Let’s dive even deeper into that question. What is it your followers — in other words, your potential customers who are already paying attention to you on Instagram — are hoping to get from you?

It’s an important question, for sure, but not the type of question YOU should be answering. So, who should be fielding this question?

Your audience!

The biggest mistake most of us are making is to assume we know what our audience wants.

If you think you do know what your viewers want, though, then why aren’t they converting from followers to email subscribers? Riddle me that.

Assuming We Know What Our Audience Wants Is A Big Mistake

Look, when you aren’t giving people the thing they want and, instead, try to force down their throat the thing you think you know they need, they’ll go get what they want from someone else.

So, what is the best way to listen, survey, and understand the needs of your lifers? How do you figure out their language, the way they describe themselves, and what they believe are solutions?

Create Polls or Question Stickers in your Instagram Story!

See, that wasn’t so daunting, right? And it works.

Poll example:

“What’s the biggest obstacle in your business right now?”

After sitting with the response from your peeps, narrow it down to the top two answers. Then, come back with another poll and say,

“Which is the greatest challenge for you? Growing your social media or converting your followers into customers?”

You want your audience to really stop and consider their answer.

Get Your Audience To Stop and Think When Polling Them on Instagram

In the poll example above, my personal knowledge on the subject would suggest I know the answer. But — it doesn’t matter what I believe the answer to be. It’s imperative I know what my base wants.

The same applies to you!

Because what your Lifers want is what they think they need; not what you think they need. And by actually listening to them, you can eventually create better email opt-ins for your biz — among other things.

Bottom line: Ask more questions. Figure out if what you’re offering them is actually what they want. There’s a simple way to do this. Here’s your actionable step for today…

Go to your IG Stories and say,

“I would love to hear from you. Why is it that you follow me? If I could spend a week with you or even a day with you and help you with something, what would that be? Where do you struggle that you see I could help with?”

Sometimes it’s just about asking leading questions!

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