How To Get Things Done When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Feeling overwhelmed? Listen, we all go through periods of time when things are just kind of crazy! These are busy seasons, as I like to call them. When these seasons occur, you’ve got to understand that there must be a different way to plan your day and take control of what’s happening in your life. Using the tips below will allow you to conquer your schedule — even when overwhelmed. And, this way, productivity can still be your buddy… regardless of the season you’re in. 

Being Productive Even When Overwhelmed

Pre-tip: Give yourself some grace.

It’s ridiculous to think that you can go at the same level of productivity, 365 days a year! I get constant messages on social media that look like some variation of:

Oh, Chalene, I just haven’t been as productive lately.”

Dude, that’s normal. It’s silly to think we can go at the same pace at all times! You’d just burn out. We are not robots, mmmkay?

Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 1: Recognize what season you’re in and ask yourself what’s important.

For example, during the holidays, for me, what’s really important is just to enjoy the time with my family. To make memories. Everything’s a potential new memory during the holidays!

I love decorating, shopping, having family and friends over, watching documentaries together, and so on. If that’s what’s important to me, then it doesn’t make sense to feel like I’m not hitting my mark with work-related stuff.

Decide, first and foremost, what’s important to you and make that your priority!

Let’s say you’re…

  • Getting ready for your first child
  • Planning for your wedding
  • Prepping to send your child off to college

It’s very clear what your priorities should be in each one of those scenarios, right? 

Remember: You can do everything, just not all at once.

Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 2: Get in the habit of using a planner.

Keeping a handwritten plan for the following day is everything. Whether you’re using a scrapbook, notebook, day planner, or you’re really intelligent and using a PUSH Journal.

Beat Feeling Overwhelmed With A Journal

(shameless plug, forgive me)

My point is, I don’t care what you use, but it needs to be effective. Carry it with you 24/7 —  and put your plan down in writing the night before. Which leads me to…

Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 3: Start getting ready the night before.

Write out your schedule just before bed. That’s what I do. In addition, I do a brain dump of everything I’d like to get done and then prioritize that list.


I select the things that must get done according to the season I’m in.

Also, I’ll get any for-the-office materials ready and put them in my car the night before. Then, that allows me to wake up the next day and feel put together.

It’s in the morning that we often feel so frazzled, you know? Especially if you’re a mom because kids need you!

Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 4: Avoid social media.

Don’t freak out! I just mean you shouldn’t look at your phone first thing. Set up a time that feels good to begin perusing the apps. For me, I wait till 11am or noon — at the earliest.

We all know how distracting and discouraging it can be. It can totally throw you off your game. Not to mention, be a total time suck.

Social Media Can Make You Feel Overwhelmed

Now, I might post to my Instagram or Snapchat story — but I won’t look at anything else. Comments, likes, and DMs will all have to wait. Capiche?

Please take care of the things that help you feel centered before digging into social media! For me, that’s a work out, a podcast, or an audio training.

Starting your day for YOU is how you’ll feel in control.

I hope these tips have been helpful! For much more on this topic, including a play-by-play of what goes into my PUSH Journal every night AND other personal anecdotes sure to help you become more productive, check out Productivity During Busy Seasons on The Chalene Show NOW!


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