Don’t Drink Another Glass of Wine Until You Listen to My Interview with Expert Todd White

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If you’re like me, enjoying a glass of wine is part of unwinding after a long day. But as I recently discovered in an eye-opening conversation with wine expert Todd White from Dry Farm Wines, not all wines are created equal. Today, I want to share some groundbreaking insights about wine and health, including why the wine Bret and I drink is different and healthier.


Wine: Unveiling the Hidden Truths

The wine industry, particularly in the United States, has a well-kept secret: additives. There are 76 FDA-approved additives for wine-making, and most of these substances are unknown to the general public. This lack of transparency is concerning, especially for health-conscious individuals like us.

Key points about wine additives:

  • There are 76 FDA-approved additives used in wine-making.
  • These additives affect the taste and smell of wine.
  • Lack of labeling prevents consumers from knowing what’s in their wine.


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Choosing a Healthier Glass of Wine

This is where Dry Farm Wines comes in. Their wines are natural, meaning they contain only fermented grape juice, nothing more. These wines are also sugar-free, a crucial factor for those following a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle, or anyone mindful about their sugar intake.

Important aspects of Dry Farm Wines:

  • Made from fully fermented grapes, leaving no residual sugar.
  • Sulfur dioxide is not used to stop fermentation prematurely.
  • Focuses on producing wines that are not just natural but also healthy.


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The Impact of Alcohol Content

Another significant aspect of Dry Farm Wines is their commitment to lower alcohol levels. While most domestic wines average nearly 15% alcohol, Dry Farm Wines strictly limits their selection to wines with a maximum of 12.5% alcohol. This lower alcohol content is integral to reducing negative health impacts, especially on brain health and cancer risks.

Understanding Wine Labels and What They Don’t Tell You

One of the most surprising things Todd shared is that wine labels are not required to be accurate regarding alcohol content. This lack of regulation is why Dry Farm Wines conducts lab tests on every wine they sell. They also ensure that their wines are free from chemicals, additives, and pesticides.

The Benefits of Natural Wines

Natural wines, like those offered by Dry Farm Wines, are not only about what they lack (additives, high alcohol) but also about what they offer. These wines are teeming with beneficial bacteria and microbiomes, making them not only a healthier choice but also beneficial for gut health.


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🍇 Elevate Your Wine Experience 🍇

Before you pour your next glass of wine, consider the type of wine you’re drinking. For a deeper dive into the world of healthy wine drinking, check out my interview with Todd White in episode #374 of The Chalene Show here.

You can also explore Dry Farm Wines directly at Dry Farms Wine. Join me in discovering how to enjoy wine in a way that’s kind to our bodies. Cheers to healthier choices! 🍷✨


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