My Fave Full-Coverage Makeup!

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Plus! Do Dogs Have Different Nutritional Requirements Compared To Humans & A Makeup Tragedy!

Polls based on makeup usage are notoriously bad — as they’re often funded by cosmetics companies — but it’s suggested that between 50 – 80% of women wear some makeup occasionally.

You’ll also find tons of conflicting data as to why women wear makeup. Is it for:

  • Attracting a partner?
  • Self-confidence?
  • Covering up insecurities?

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because we freakin’ like it! And honestly, that’s the only reason that needs to be. Ya feel me? Let’s get cute, shall we…


Tea Cup With Eyelashes Design Pattern On ItBeauty Chat – My Fave Full-Coverage Makeup!

There was a time when admitting to wearing a full face of foundation was a huge no no. But we are living in very different times, my sisters! It may have a little something to do with our current binge culture. A decade ago, would anyone have bragged about retiring for the night and watching hours upon hours of TV?

I think not.

But now, it’s all the rage! At the Johnsons, documentaries are like potato chips. CAN’T. STOP. WON’T. STOP.

Well, just like Netflix has changed the game for consuming TV, YouTube — and more recently, Instagram — has flipped the channel on makeup culture.

With a plethora of tutorials by beauty gurus at our fingertips, even a pre-teen could become a mini expert on applying layers of makeup while maintaining a natural look. So yeah, donning full-coverage makeup is not something we keep to ourselves anymore. Quite the contrary, it’s celebrated! This is the selfie-ready generation, after all.

GO HERE to grab your own full-coverage awesomeness!


French BulldogFamily Chat – Do Dogs Have Different Nutritional Requirements Compared To Humans?

If you have or ever had a dog, you know the story. They’re part of the family! Because of which, to show our unconditional love, we will, from time to time, slip them a bite from our plate. It’s so hard NOT to when their sweet little angel faces are tilted upward, staring at you, a longing in their eyes only the empty-hearted could refuse.

Yet, we know better. A simple Google search will pop up with millions of examples as to why/how (much of) human food is considered harmful to the health of dogs — slowly producing negative side effects.

That said, we DO have a lot in common with our furry friends when it comes to basic nutritional needs. We both require the right proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and water. Yep, lots of water!

Not to mention, dogs and humans also share similarities when it comes to which foods cause inflammation. So, if you’re a dog lover (like me), please watch this brief clip on how we’re not as dissimilar as many people like to think. For bonus points, I’ve thrown in a must-see documentary recommendation…


As mentioned at the end of the video, 131 Method teaches you all the principles needed for optimum health. You’ll learn so much about getting healthy from the inside out that, by extension, understand better how to feed your canine friends. Again, we obviously have different needs, but the basics are the basics. And, sadly, the majority of society are clueless when it comes to their health.

And I have BIG NEWS! Our first ever 131 FLASH SALE is still going on – but expires this coming Monday, the 28th! NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR HEALTH RIGHT! SIGN UP and join the next cycle, beginning on Monday! Let me help you and your family! What are you waiting for?


MakeupJust For Fun Chat – A Makeup Tragedy

We started with makeup and we’ll end with makeup. Honestly, what could be better? Although, this does involve a tragedy. And I take full responsibility for the terrible turn of events. I’ll just leave it there and let you check out the devastating news. I just hope that, with time, Bret can forgive me.


Thanks for hanging with me this week! It’s always an honor spending time with you.








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