Instagram Stories Best Practices For Brands

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Instagram stories. If you have a brand and/or are an influencer, you need to be there. Don’t believe me? Check out this hot new just-released statistic:

In 2018, 1 in 3 shared sponsored posts on IG came from the Stories section.

So, yeah. Get on it! But first, like any new venture (or trying to infuse some juice into a current one), you must have a strategy.

I’m going to share with you the specific formula that is ideal for those of you who are trying to leverage social media, specifically Instagram Stories, to build your brand.

Instagram Stories Formula To Build Brands

I want you to set to memory this mnemonic phrase…


Each of these letters stands for a certain kind of post you should be putting up EVERY day.

R stands for relate.

Try to post at least once a day something that the average person (who you’re trying to connect with) can relate to. For example, I recently posted that I accidentally left the drug store with a shopping basket. As in, THEIR shopping basket.

I didn’t realize it until I was unlocking my car. Ouch. At the point, I was so far from the store and just decided to return it later. And then the “a-ha!” moment hit…

This is funny and relatable! Perfect to share on Instagram!

Look, any busy entrepreneur knows what it’s like to find the remote control in the refrigerator. You’ve just got too much on your mind!

Instagram Stories Should Be Relatable
E stands for educate.

Think of educate in the sense of motivate, inspire, and teach. You are posting content that’s helpful. Serves a purpose. Okay?

D stands for dialogue.

What I mean here is you’re trying to create a dialogue between you and your followers. A conversation. This is important because that interaction in your DMs triggers the Instagram algorithm — which tells Instagram to serve up your content first the next time that person is online. The more people you are DMing with and having real conversations with, the more likely that same person who you’re trying to target will log in and see your content first. 

I stands for interact.

Any type of action on your story that you can get your followers to take. Instagram wants you to do this! They want you to use their features. For example, the poll feature. If you have an account under 10,000 people, you can create a simple two option poll. It doesn’t have to be yes/no. Something like, “Which color do you like better on me, the red lipstick or the pink lipstick?

Interact On Instagram Stories

For the fifth and final type of post you should be publishing on the daily, you’ll have to check out “Instagram Stories | The Ultimate Daily Formula For Business Growth” — on Build Your Tribe! Over there, I’m able to share much more insight on R E D I C. Like, examples of a good dialogue type post and suggestions for how to interact with your audience!

Don’t forget that you don’t want to post a bajillion stories. If people open up your Instagram story and they see dots to infinity, they just skip it. Pick wisely. Choose the type of content that’s gonna help you grow your business!

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