Passion: How To Get Your Passion Back

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Passion is a hot-button word riddled with so many definitions. Sometimes we beat ourselves up over losing it. Or worse yet, never having found it to begin with. I mean, we wake up and discover new DAILY content from our favorite influencer’s Instagram and YouTube and wonder, “Why aren’t I on fire every single day? And what can I do to get myself out of this slump?

It’s as if we’re supposed to always maintain this super high level of energy and tenacity, right?

Passion and Tenacity Don't Have To Go Together

Well, here are some – often overlooked – tips to help you get your mojo back! (Oh, and I define mojo as motivation plus joy. Not bad, right?)

When we think of passion and fire and motivation, we think of work and go, go, go, go, go. But that’s wrong. The way to get your passion back is by doing something that’s fun and restores you.

Because, ultimately, this all comes down to the kind of emotional state which allows you to be at your highest point of performance!

Alas, today, we’re focusing on hobbies! Did you think this blog was all about reading, taking notes, and work? Nope. This is all about the things that bring you joy, Lifers! YES.

How do you know if what you’re doing is a hobby? Here are simple key questions to ask yourself:

    • Is it fun?
    • Does it clear your mind?
    • Do you find it a treat?
    • Will it relieve stress?

For me, taking a really long time to get ready (leisurely putting on makeup and doing my hair), honestly feels like such a treat. There aren’t very many days where that’s an option, you know? So I find it therapeutic and enjoyable. Hence, a hobby! 

Your Passion Should Bring You Joy

What about fantasy football? Is it fun? Does it help you clear your mind? Take you away from work? Does it relieve stress? Is it a treat to do it? Yes. So, is it a hobby? Totally.

Is online shopping late at night a hobby? You betcha.

Now, for the serious news – there are different types of hobbies. 80% of your hobbies should be those that lift you up. And 20% of them can be the kind that we just covered – which are, performed for the pure mindless joy of things.

To get your mojo back, you must engage in activities that elevate your mind / body / soul.

And it needs to be something that honors your growth, gives you pride, expands your knowledge, improves your relationships, and/or enhances your physical / mental well-being. Like:

  • Taking a painting or art class
  • Learning a new language
  • Seeking therapy
  • Going rock climbing
  • Practicing meditation
  • Hitting the gym
  • Volunteering, helping a food bank or families in need

Passion Should Bring Your Peace

Remember, I want you to make sure to include around 20% of pointless pursuits. Okay? That is necessary, healthy, and human.

But if your goal is to get your passion back and out of a rut, you need to have a ton more of the pursuits that will lift you.

Hey, in the comments… give us one thing you’re going to do this weekend that you know will raise you up. Something that’s going to make you proud, grow, improve your relationships, and feel better about yourself.

And, by doing so, you’ll be honoring your passion! Love you.

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2 responses to “Passion: How To Get Your Passion Back”

  1. Great blog article! I also love taking my time in the morning (when I can) to do a full-face of makeup and hair. At the end of the day my evening ritual is to take off my makeup and cleanse my skin and apply my serums and moisturizer. It relaxes me and makes me feel like it is finally the end of the day. I’ve started meditating also. I need to be consistent with working out. I could use help with that.

  2. For me , my favorite way to unwind is driving through the countryside, through farms and corn fields. Seeing the animals and the beautiful , almost architectural lay-out of the crops is so theraputic!

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